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DegenerativeGames by marka
DegenerativeGames by marka

DegenerativeGames are fully on-chain cellular automaton, using Conway's Game of Life. Each token's seed is generated by using composability: the data retrieved from Autoglyphs, the first on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain, immutably making that collection the "parent" of this one. Using Ethereum's always-on, world computer, tokens, just like real life, will degenerate over time: a cell will die approximately each week over the course of 83 years, the average life expectancy in my country. But with each change, a new seed will generate a new Game of Life for each token, with a completely different possibility of emergent forms. A new game/artwork, roughly every week, for 83 years. Conway called it a "zero-player" game but holders can choose to play if they want: each token can be irrevocably set to "Infinity" mode, freezing the current seed and game forever to the blockchain.

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