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Rosentica: Starfall Travelers
Rosentica: Starfall Travelers

Welcome to Elvinia, Starfall Travelers 🌠 Embark on a wondrous journey with the "Starfall Travelers" Collection, the original genesis of the fantasy series Rosentica. This exquisite collection comprises 6000 unique travelers, each a living testament to the dual worlds of Earth and Elvinia. Crafted with perfectionism and dedication over a year and a half, these travelers spring from the creative wellspring of the concept artist, Okku, brought to life through each meticulous stroke of the brush. Curated with craftsmanship by Natsuki, every traveler in this collection is not only a digital collectible but a character design, a canvas awaiting its collector's narrative to unfold their tales. “Starfall Travelers” Collection is The OG Collectibles and POES of Fantasy Series Rosentica. For Novel, Music, News about Animation and Game Release, visit https://rosentica.jp/ to explore the world of Rosentica.

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