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Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2
Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2 state-little state-little
Hợp đồng:0xe28d...a4f9

Introducing Series 2 of Trump Digital Trading Cards! See the official tweet for more information about Trump Digital Trading Cards transition to the Magic Eden platform. https://x.com/collecttrump/status/1763622781219209333?s=46&t=5EZ4CWAY_DZkicz9Say-Ag Trump Digital Trading Card can only be viewed, not collected on this platform. Are you ready to add to your collection of Official Trump Digital Trading Cards? Series 2 is here, featuring even more incredible art inspired by some of the most iconic moments from Trump's time as a public figure. Before purchasing any Trump Digital Trading Cards, please read the Terms and Conditions (bit.ly/3GLdD1j) and the owners agreement specific to each NFT (bit.ly/3ol6SNu) carefully to ensure you understand your rights and any restrictions that apply. Start or continue collecting today!

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