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DePin Wallet

DePin Wallet

DePin Wallet

With a DePin Wallet wallet, you can send, receive and swap DePin tokens on different mainnets. You can also experience the rich DePin DApp ecosystem and other transaction features in our wallet. Get your own DePin wallet now to explore more.

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Download DePin Wallet Steps

Download DePin Wallet Steps

How to Create a DePin Wallet in Bitget Wallet

  1. 1. Create or import a wallet
  2. 2. Choose to “Add a mainnet”
  3. 3. Choose “BNB Chain”
  4. 4. Return to the home page of Bitget Wallet to view the added mainnet and its native token

You can also use our OTC feature to buy USDT/USDC with Fiat currency and then swap for other tokens.

DePin Wallet Features

Swap on DePin Tokens

Bitget Swap has the most inclusive DePin market intelligence, including: Real-time Quote, Token Price Chart (where users can choose to view by Day, Week, Month, or Year), Token Contract, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Holders, transaction histories, data analysis. In addition, BitKeep Swap supports DePin's InstantGas Swap service, which allows you to exchange your existing DePin assets for any token you want even when you don't have any DePin token on hand.

Bitget Swap'ı ziyaret edin

Swap on DePin  Tokens

Swap on DePin  Tokens

DApps on DePin Tokens

Bitget Wallet DApp section supports all kinds of DApps including DeFi, DePin,GameFi, NFT, Bridge, Exchange, Mine, Tools, Social, Loan. You can add DePin token to your favorites and you can always find the latest and hottest projects in the DApp New section. With the Bitget Wallet DApp browser, you can easily switch between different mainnets.

Bitget DApp tarayıcısını ziyaret edin

DApps on DePin  Tokens

DApps on DePin  Tokens


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About DePin Tokens

  • Are DePin Tokens Worthy of Investment?

    DePin offers a compelling vision for a more accessible and user-centric way to build fundamental infrastructure. While the technology is still in its early stages, the potential to revolutionize sectors like telecommunications, energy, and data storage is immense. As DePin projects mature, they bring the promise of a future where essential services are more affordable, reliable, and truly reflect the needs of the communities they serve. Important Note: Investing in DePin, like all cryptocurrency investments, carries risk. Always do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose. Look for projects with: - Strong Team: Projects with strong teams, such as Filecoin (FIL) and Render (RNDR). - Clear Roadmap: Does the project have well-defined goals and timelines? - Active Community: A healthy community is a good sign of long-term support. - Understand Tokenomics: How are tokens distributed? What's the inflation rate? These factors impact price.

  • How to Get DePin Token Airdrops

    - Holding Specific Tokens: Some projects airdrop tokens to people already holding other cryptocurrencies (to reward early adopters or target relevant communities). - Social Tasks: Projects might require you to follow them on social media, retweet posts, or join their Telegram group to be eligible. - On-Chain Activity: Certain airdrops aim to reward active users of decentralized applications or protocols. - Testnet Participation: Get involved in a DePin project's test network and provide feedback – might qualify you for an airdrop when the main network launches.