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BitKeep Sui (SUI) Wallet

BitKeep Sui (SUI) Wallet

Bitget Sui Wallet

With a BitKeep Sui wallet, you can send, receive and experience DApps on the Sui blockchain. Also, you can experience a variety of features that BitKeep Wallet offers. Get your own Sui wallet now to explore more.

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Download Sui Wallet

Download Sui Wallet

How to Create a Sui Wallet

  1. 1. Create or import a wallet
  2. 2. Select “Add Mainnet”
  3. 3. Select “Sui Devnet”
  4. 4. Return to the homepage of BitKeep Wallet. The Sui network and SUI are now showing on the homepage!

You can use our faucet feature to claim free test coins.

Sui Wallet Features

DApps on Sui

BitKeep DApp supports all kinds of DApps on Sui, including DeFi, NFT, Bridge, Exchange, Mine, Tools, and Loan. Users can add SUI as their favorite token. Besides, all the latest and hottest Sui projects are listed in the “New” section of BitKeep DApp.

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DApps on Sui

DApps on Sui


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About Sui

About Sui

  • What is Sui?

    Developed by Mysten Labs, Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain designed to facilitate the creation of experiences that serve the next billion users in crypto. It is horizontally scalable, providing support for a diverse range of DApp development at an affordable cost with unrivaled speed. This pioneering platform offers users a general-purpose blockchain that boasts high throughput, instant settlement speeds, rich on-chain assets, and a user-friendly web3 experience. Sui is a significant advance in blockchain technology that has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of users in crypto. Sui is designed to eliminate common blockchain pain points, providing horizontal scalability, low gas fees, and high transaction processing capacities. It also offers low cost, increased composability, and transparency for developers to move more business logic and metadata on-chain, allowing them to define more complex assets with richer attributes and build dynamic NFTs that can be unlocked, upgraded, and bundled depending on the game.

  • Does Sui have a token?

    Sui does not have a native token yet, but it allows for sending and receiving Sui test coins on its testnet. If you do not have any tokens on the Sui network, you can request free test coins using BitKeep Sui Wallet. Sui is expected to have a native token for governance, incentivization, and protocol upgrades when it becomes fully decentralized. Early contributors of Sui, such as validators, users, and donators, may potentially receive the native token as a reward through airdrop in the future.

  • Is Sui on mainnet?

    Sui is currently available on testnet. The developer of Sui is now running Testnet Wave 2 features participation across validators, full node operators, delegators, app builders, and end users.

  • How to use Sui Wallet?

    The simplest way to start using Sui is by creating a Sui Wallet in BitKeep, which can be installed via Google Play, App Store, or a Chrome extension. After installation, create a crypto wallet on the Sui mainnet and make transactions in SUI test coins. You can then explore the Sui ecosystem through the BitKeep DApp section, which supports various DApps, including DeFi, NFT, exchange, and tools.