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BitKeep is now collaborating with Bitget exchange and has repositioned itself as Bitget Wallet! Scroll down to learn more.

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Bitget Wallet Mission

Beyond just a wallet, the Bitget Wallet team has worked hard to continuously expand our services to ensure that users are provided with essential tools to navigate the Web3 space.

Moving forward into an increasingly inter-connected Web3 space of multi-chain interoperability, we realized that positioning ourselves solely merely as a wallet was not enough to keep our users at the forefront of innovation.

We had to go above and beyond that.

Our collaboration with Bitget exchange and brand repositioning as Bitget Wallet was conceptualized from a desire for us to take our integrated trading features to the next level to once again better cater our services towards the needs of our users, herein introducing the Web3 trading concept of "WEX", or Wallet Exchange.

Today, we have set our sights on redefining what it means to be a true integrated utility platform for our users. To do that, we had to go beyond what DEX offers. We wanted to introduce a fully-furnished application including a portfolio of useful features for users, such as Assets Discovery and Management, Swap Service, NFT Trading Marketplace, PoS Staking, DApp browser, Launchpad, and more - and we did just that.

As a self-custodial Web3 "Wallet Exchange", Bitget Wallet aims to serve as the ultimate gateway for users to explore the world of Web3 with just a tap of a finger by integrating these purpose-built features on our dynamic interface.

More than just a wallet or DEX, Bitget Wallet seeks to serve all the needs of our users as we take the lead in celebrating a new era of Web3 together, as one cohesive WEX.

Faster trading, Better assets. Bitget Wallet, your Web3 trading wallet of the future.


BitKeep - Bitget Web3 Roadmap

From 2018 - 2023 - The Future

BitKeep founded. 2018.05 Release of the alpha version, garnering a $2 million investment from Matrix Partners China
line timeline
DeFi comes online, BitKeep leads the DeFi track. 2021.02 Official launch of BitKeep Swap, allowing users to perform swaps with just a click. 2021.06 Upgrade to BitKeep Swap and the launch of a new cross-chain bridge
Launch of BitKeep Chrome extension to cater to the mobile terminal and PC market
BitKeep SWAP transaction volume exceeds 5 million
The average daily transaction value of multi-chain swaps reaches $20 million. Launch of BitKeep NFT Marketplace

2022.05 Completed $15 million in Series A funding led by Dragonfly, with a valuation of $100 million

2022.11 Launch of $1,000,000 BitKeep Secure Asset Fund to further protect user asset security

2023.01 Support for 6 major ecosystems and 90+ blockchains is confirmed

Bitkeep-BitgetWallet Bitkeep-BitgetWallet

2023.03 Announcement of official rebranding and establishment of the official website as

2023.04 The number of global users exceeds 10 million

2023.06 Launch of Bitget Swap and Bitget NFT Marketplace

2023, Explore a better user experience with 1 billion users

  • MPC wallet
  • AA (Account abstraction) wallet
  • Full support for ZK-Rollup Ecosystem
  • Web3 DID & SBT

Unlock the power of decentralized trading and discover the hottest assets

  • Bitget Swap launches Limit Orders
  • Bitget Swap and Bitget NFT Marketplace open access to more wallets to expand the ecosystem
  • Bitget NFT Marketplace supports Solana, Aptos, and SUI blockchains
The Future

Bitget Web3, the ultimate portal to the decentralized world of Web3



What is Bitget Wallet?


Bitget Wallet is your one-stop portal for accessing the greater Web3 ecosystem at your fingertips. With Bitget Wallet, users will be able to securely store their digital assets and funds within a reliable repository. However, Bitget Wallet is more than just a wallet. Users will be able not only just access their preferred mainnets to perform swaps using Bitget's integrated swap function, they will also be able to access the different DApps available via Bitget Wallet's DApp Browser. Users will also be able to access Bitget Wallet's NFT market to browse, list, and purchase NFTs.
Essentially, Bitget Web3 Wallet serves as your exclusive access pass to conveniently explore all that Web3 has to offer. Bitget Web3 Wallet also recognizes the importance of providing a seamless user experience for all users while exploring the Web3 space, and therefore has worked hard to package these tools under one roof for users to scaffold themselves into meaningful interaction with DeFi ecosystems.

What are the main features of Bitget Web3 Wallet?


Bitget Web3 Wallet primarily distinguishes itself apart from other crypto wallets in two main ways: decentralization and utility. As a non-custodial wallet, Bitget Wallet empowers users as the sole custodians and owners of their digital assets. What this means is that the only real threat or risk to user funds is either a complete collapse or failure of the digital asset itself, or a mismanagement of the user’s own private keys. In this regard, as long as the user takes the appropriate steps to secure their own private keys and exercise the necessary hygiene practices, such as educating themselves in the fundamentals of Web3 security, they themselves can secure their funds without worry of external forces beyond their control, such as an institutional collapse or attack. Bitget Wallet also uniquely positions itself as a secure repository for user’s funds, especially with its original Double Encryption Storage Mechanism (DESM) to leverage mnemonic phrases and private keys to provide dual security based on login credentials and transaction passwords. Bitget Wallet also provides a Safety Assurance feature for users to run a quick and thorough check to detect whether their wallet address has over-authorized DApps or security risks caused by swap transaction authorizations. More than just a wallet, Bitget Web3 Wallet provides a host of Web3 features for users to interact with right at their fingertips. This includes an integrated DApp Browser for users to source for different kinds of DApps to try their hands on, launchpad, NFT marketplace, and swap function. Bitget Wallet's finely-tuned price aggregator ensures that users will be able to access the best swap rates available, and in so doing save on transaction costs while also being provided with swap choices that best suits their present needs. Having these integrated features ensures that users will be able to rely on Bitget Web3 Wallet not merely as just a store for value, but also an access pass and utility tool for performing various Web3 activities.

Where can I download and create my Bitget Wallet?


We are excited to share with you that BitKeep Wallet will be undergoing a brand upgrade and will be renamed as Bitget Wallet. As part of this strategic repositioning, we are preparing a more comprehensive Bitget Wallet app with enhanced features that is expected to launch in June 2023. In the meantime, you can download BitKeep Wallet and experience the integrated Web3 wallet features that have been favoured by over 9.5 million users worldwide. Stay tuned for more information on our brand upgrade and other latest events!

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