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AI Coin

Discover AI Coin on Bitget Wallet! In 2024, AI Coin emerged as a vital force in the Web3 space, representing the cutting-edge convergence of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. These AI-themed cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the Web3 space, offering groundbreaking solutions in sectors such as fraud detection, financial forecasting, data analysis, and content creation. Each AI Coin is a unique representation of an AI-driven project, opening doors to new solutions and fostering community involvement in the rapidly changing digital world.

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What are AI Coins?

What are AI Coins?

What are AI Coins?

  1. 1. User Experience and Operations Enhancement: AI's involvement in blockchain extends beyond the recent fluctuation in AI token prices. It's poised to significantly uplift user experiences and automate routine tasks. By implementing deep learning models on blockchain platforms, AI Coins play a key role in personalizing content and advertisements according to individual user preferences.
  2. 2. Boosting Security and Efficiency: AI's integration into blockchain substantially enhances network security and streamlines operations. It facilitates swift and accurate identity verifications and employs large language models (LLMs) to process and interpret vast amounts of on-chain data. This not only bolsters security but also offers users clear and actionable insights.
  3. 3. Innovative AI Projects: Innovators like Worldcoin (WLD) and Bittensor (TAO) are at the forefront of AI advancements in the blockchain sphere. Worldcoin introduces a unique proof-of-personhood system to differentiate real users from bots, addressing critical challenges in fraud prevention and identity verification. Bittensor stands out as the inaugural decentralized network of open-source AI models, rewarding AI contributions through a proof-of-intelligence consensus.
  4. 4. Future Prospects and Present Applications: The current role of AI in blockchain is substantial, with an even more promising future ahead. As the adoption of blockchain technology grows, the integration of AI is expected to play an increasingly crucial role, introducing innovative solutions and enhancements within the blockchain ecosystem.

AI Coin represents a dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, reshaping the landscape of crypto. These coins symbolize the integration of AI's cutting-edge capabilities within the blockchain sector, bringing transformative changes in the above areas.

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Bitget Swap has the most inclusive market intelligence of all AI tokens, including Real-time Quote, Token Price Chart (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Chart), Token Contract, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Holders, Transaction Histories, and Data Analysis. Bitget Wallet supports cross-chain swap involving AI coins across various mainnets, ensuring a seamless and convenient user experience.

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Swap AI Coin

Swap AI Coin

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The Bitget Futures DApp listed on Bitget Wallet's Discover page supports the trading of various AI tokens, offering three trading order types, such as Limit, Market, and Trigger Order for flexible execution. Bitget Futures supports a wide array of USDT futures trading pairs including ICPUSDT, THETAUSDT, NEARUSDT, WLDUSDT, and many more, providing you with the most convenient and efficient ways of futures trading.

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Trade AI Coin

Trade AI Coin


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How to trade AI coins? jiantou jiantou

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About AI Coin

  • Which AI projects are currently built on blockchain?

    A variety of AI projects are currently making headway on different blockchain platforms. Ethereum stands out as a key player, offering a range of AI projects thanks to its robust developer tools and large user base. Notable examples include PAAL AI (PAAL) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), both flourishing on the Ethereum mainnet. However, it's important to note that while Ethereum is a major hub for AI projects, other blockchains are also gaining traction in this space. For instance, Worldcoin (WLD) is a significant project that operates on the Optimism mainnet, showcasing the diversification of AI initiatives across various platforms. Additionally, many AI tokens find a place in ecosystems like Binance Smart Chain (BNB), often favored for their lower transaction fees. NetMind (NMT), a GPU rental and AI model training platform built on NetMind Chain, with its token NMT trading on Binance Smart Chain (BNB), is another example of the expanding presence of AI in the blockchain world.

  • What is Bittensor and what projects are in its ecosystem?

    Bittensor (TAO) is a Layer 1 blockchain that hosts an expanding collection of subnets dedicated to executing machine learning inference. There are a few projects worth looking at. 1. Bittensor (TAO): Launched in 2019, Bittensor integrates AI with blockchain technology to create a decentralized AI network. Its Layer 1 blockchain hosts machine learning inference subnets. TAO, its utility token, facilitates access to AI models, governance, and staking. 2. OpSec (OPSEC): A project focused on enhancing Web3 through AI-driven cloud security and efficiency. OpSec offers solutions like OpSec Cloudverse and OpSec CloudBot, aiming to improve decentralized cloud storage, computing, and Web3 infrastructure security. 3. Kizuna (KIZUNA): The first memecoin of the Bittensor Network, created with the help of decentralized AI. Kizuna, conceptualized by BitAPAI, focuses on fostering community connections and democratizing AI technology. 4. AIT Protocol (AIT): Aims to create a decentralized labor market for AI model training and data annotation. It provides Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) through a decentralized data marketplace, focusing on high-quality training data for AI models. 5. TaoPad (TPAD): The first token launchpad on Bittensor, it bridges projects with early investors and facilitates Wrapped TAO (wTAO) transactions. TaoPad serves as a platform for decentralized AI projects and enhances the utility and user experience on Bittensor. 6. TaoBank (TBANK): A lending protocol designed for TAO holders, offering liquidity provision for TAO on Ethereum and Arbitrum. It allows TAO token holders to use their assets as collateral for interest-free loans, transforming TAO into a liquid currency.

  • Which AI coins does Bitget Wallet support?

    All of the tokens mentioned so far are supported in Bitget Wallet. Additional tokens include but aren't limited to: 1. Internet Computer (ICP): Public internet extension to a global computing blockchain platform 2. NEAR Protocol (NEAR): Scalable, developer-friendly blockchain for DApps 3. Injective (INJ): Finance-focused blockchain with advanced DeFi capabilities 4. Theta Network (THETA): Decentralized infrastructure for video, AI, and entertainment 5. Oasis Network (ROSE/WROSE): Privacy-centric blockchain for open finance and data economy 6. Fetch.ai (FET): AI-driven platform for autonomous digital tasks 7. SingularityNET (AGIX): Decentralized AI algorithm marketplace 8. iExec RLC (RLC): Decentralized cloud computing using blockchain 9. Sleepless AI (AI): Combines AI companions with Web3 for AI-driven gaming 10. Numeraire (NMR): Crowdsourced hedge fund via data science competition 11. NFPrompt (NFP): AI-powered platform for next-gen content creation 12. Arkham (ARKM): AI for blockchain analysis, revealing on-chain data and entities 13. ChainGPT (CGPT): Provides a suite of AI-driven blockchain tools 14. enqAI (ENQAI): Decentralized AI for unrestricted creative content generation

  • Are there memecoins in the AI space?

    Yes, a hot sector like AI does not lack memecoins! In February 2024, three of the most talked-about memecoins in AI are SORA, KIZUNA, and SCOTTY. SORA derives its name from OpenAI's text-to-video model Sora, but it has no formal ties to the company. As for KIZUNA, every aspect of this coin was generated by chatbot BitAPAI with minimal human involvement. Inspired by Ryoshi, the creator of SHIB, KIZUNA's goal is to showcase AI creativity and build a strong bond within its community. SCOTTY is the newest memecoin with AI connections. Basing its narrative on an adorable jet-black Scottish Terrier, Scotty the AI offers chatbot and swap services. To demonstrate its popularity, SCOTTY pre-sale amount hit $500k in just 48 hours. While memecoins present exciting investment opportunities, it is important for investors to remember that they often don't have well-designed tokenmics or real use cases.

  • Are AI coins worthy of investment?

    Investing in AI cryptocurrencies isn't a decision to be taken lightly. First, get a clear picture of the issue the AI project is tackling. Understanding the problem helps you see how much demand there could be for the solution. Then, look at how unique and technically sound their solution is - this can give you an idea of how it stands out in the crowded crypto space. Another smart move is to check who's backing the project. Big names or well-known venture capitalists showing interest can be a good sign. Don't forget to dive into the details of the cryptocurrency itself: what's it used for, how many coins are there, how are they distributed, and what might make the coin more valuable over time. For those with a knack for market analysis, studying past price trends of the token can aid in identifying opportune moments for investment. However, it's vital to acknowledge the high volatility inherent in the crypto market. Prices can fluctuate dramatically, underlining the importance of risk assessment and cautious investment strategies. In such a dynamic and unpredictable environment, there's no guaranteed pathway to investment success, and it's often prudent to seek professional financial advice when in doubt.