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Meme Coin

Meme Coin

Ever since Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) skyrocketed "to the moon" in 2021, meme coins have carved a niche in cryptocurrency through their captivating fusion of internet culture and crypto investment. In a realm where humor meets financial speculation, several meme coins have reached double-digit billions in market capitalization. Although most meme coins have no real utility or well-designed tokenomics, they offer an unconventional avenue for investors to engage with the web3 world, thus ushering in a new era of decentralized finance fueled by community-driven enthusiasm.

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What are Meme Coins?

What are Meme Coins?

What are Meme Coins?

  1. 1. Popularity and Community: Meme coins, born from internet culture and social media, parody traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with their humorous names and logos. They foster strong online communities, offering a sense of belonging and shared enthusiasm among participants.
  2. 2. Speculative Investment: Despite their lack of concrete utility, meme coins provide an exciting investment avenue, driven by the speculative hope of value increases. Their market is characterized by unpredictability, with values potentially soaring due to viral trends, creating an exhilarating experience for investors.
  3. 3. Accessibility for Newcomers: The playful nature of meme coins, combined with the camaraderie within their communities, makes entering the cryptocurrency market less daunting for beginners, offering a fun introduction to crypto investing.

Meme coins blend entertainment with investment, appealing to a wide audience in the cryptocurrency sphere. However, their volatility and speculative basis demand cautious, informed investing, with an emphasis on only risking what one can afford to lose.

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Bitget Swap has the most inclusive market intelligence of all meme coins, including Real-time Quote, Token Price Chart (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Chart), Token Contract, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Holders, Transaction Histories, and Data Analysis. Bitget Wallet supports cross-chain swap involving meme coins across various mainnets, ensuring a seamless and convenient user experience.

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Swap Meme Coin

Swap Meme Coin

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The Bitget Futures DApp listed on Bitget Wallet's Discover page supports the trading of various meme tokens, offering three trading order types, such as Limit, Market, and Trigger Order for flexible execution. Bitget Futures supports a wide array of USDT futures trading pairs including PEPE, SHIB, DOGE, and many more, providing you with the most convenient and efficient ways of futures trading.

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Trade Meme Coin

Trade Meme Coin


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How to trade meme coins? jiantou jiantou

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  • What are the other popular meme coins besides DOGE and SHIB?

    The market cap of meme coins can change dramatically within days or even hours. However, below we have listed 10 ultra-famous meme coins besides the well-known DOGE and SHIB: 1. PEPE: Leveraging the popularity of the iconic "Pepe the Frog," PEPE appeals to the crypto community by establishing a no-tax policy and a deflationary model. PEPE was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, PEPE's market cap was around $3.4B. 2. WIF: Dogwifhat (WIF) is a meme coin with a playful logo design. It features a Shiba Inu dog wearing a pink, knit hat. WIF was launched on Solana (SPL). In early March 2024, WIF's market cap was around $1.6B 3. FLOKI: FLOKI is named after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s dog, who posed in a photo in Elon's tweet on February 14, 2024. FLOKI was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, FLOKI's market cap was around $1.5B. 4. MEME: MEME is the official token of Memeland, a web3 creator platform and venture studio. MEME was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, MEME's market cap was around $560M. 5. TRUMP: The MAGA coin (TRUMP) was created in support of the re-election of former U.S. president Donald Trump in 2024. TRUMP was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, TRUMP's market cap was around $402M. 6. BITCOIN: Not to be mistaken with Bitcoin (BTC), the full name of this meme coin is actually "HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu". As the name suggests, BITCOIN is a mixture of all sorts of pop-culture elements, including Harry Potter, Avengers, Sonic, etc. This meme coin was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, BITCOIN's market cap was around $145M. 7. GROK: GROK is an AI-inspired meme coin that took name after xAI's large language model (LLM), though it is unrelated to the AI chatbot. GROK was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, GROK's market cap was around $82M. 8. TROLL: TROLL is yet another meme coin inspired by Elon Musk, after he temporarily updated his location on X to "Trollheim" and changed his bio to "Chief Troll Officer". TROLL was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, TROLL's market cap was around $76M. 9. WOJAK: WOJAK's logo is a bald, green-faced man with a sad or regretful expression. WOJAK was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, WOJAK's market cap was around $52M. 10. BOB: Bob described itself as "a homeless A.I who explains complicated stuffs in a simple and edgy way". BOB was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). In early March 2024, BOB's market cap was around $39M.

  • What's the trendiest theme in crypto memes right now?

    The trendiest theme in crypto memes right now revolves around AI. As of March 2024, three of the most buzzed-about meme tokens in the AI space include SORA, KIZUNA, and SCOTTY. SORA takes inspiration from OpenAI's Sora text-to-video model, though it's important to note that it has no official affiliation with the company. As for KIZUNA, it stands out for being primarily generated by the BitAPAI chatbot with minimal human input. Drawing inspiration from SHIB's creator Ryoshi, KIZUNA aims to showcase AI creativity and foster strong community bonds. Finally, SCOTTY emerges as the latest memecoin with ties to AI, centered around an adorable jet-black Scottish Terrier persona. Offering chatbot and swap services, Scotty the AI quickly gained popularity, as shown by its $500,000 pre-sale amount within just 48 hours.

  • Which meme coins does Bitget Wallet support?

    All of the meme coins mentioned so far are supported in Bitget Wallet. Additional tokens include but aren't limited to: 1. MILO: Milo Inu is a meme coin based on a series of animations extending to NFT's, GameFi, virtual mall and peripheral products. MILO was launched on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20). 2. MOG: MOG Coin's name is derived from AMOG (“alpha male of group"), which first appeared on internet fitness forums around 2016. MOG aims to build a tight-knit tribe of meme warriors and produce endless funny content. MOG was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). 3. HEMULE: Hemule represents Vitalik Buterin's beloved house cat; the meme's mission is to be a feline advocate and grab the attention of Twitter. HEMULE was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). 4. TSUKA: Dejitaru Tsuka is a Japanese dragon who breathes flames of wisdom, prosperity, and wealth to those who embrace its ferocity and strength. TSUKA was launched on Ethereum (ERC-20). 5. BRETT: Brett is a blue-ish cartoon figure who is Pepe (PEPE)'s and Landwolf (WOLF)'s friend. BRETT was launched on Solana (SPL).

  • How to find a crypto meme coin with 10x potential or more?

    There is no clear way of uncovering crypto memes with 10x return or more, as meme coins' price movements are largely unpredictable. Applying traditional research methods may not be effective because these tokens' performance are almost always driven by hype rather than underlying technology or tokenomics. Instead, to better your chances of identifying successful memes, it would be more helpful to actively engage with the crypto community by reading credible newsletters, following KOLs on Twitter, and participating in Discord and Telegram groups where members discuss, trade, and even produce meme coins. Additionally, you should also keep your pulse on broader market conditions, since the optimism or pessimism of capital can significantly influence the performance of meme coins.

  • Are meme coins worthy of investment?

    When considering whether to invest in a meme coin, one key factor to evaluate is the strength of its online community. Hopping onto platforms like Discord or Telegram would help you "vibe-check" and give you a sense of how excited people are about the meme coin and how much they're rallying behind it. The fervor within these communities can provide valuable insights into the meme coin's potential for growth and sustained popularity. Since meme coins often don't have intricate tokenomics or technical robustness, community sentiment plays a huge role in driving their price. By immersing oneself in meme coin communities, investors will better understand the dynamics at play and make informed decisions about whether to invest. For those adept at market analysis, studying past price trends of the meme coin might also help you identify the optimal investment opportunities. Still, at the end of the day, investors must acknowledge that crypto markets are highly volatile and there is no assurance of a positive investment outcome. Especially in the meme coin segment, prices often fluctuate dramatically, emphasizing the importance of doing thorough risk appraisals and using prudent investment strategies. It is always advisable to seek professional financial guidance when you are uncertain.