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Nervos (CKB) Wallet

Nervos (CKB) Wallet

Nervos (CKB) Wallet

With a Nervos (CKB) wallet, you can send, receive and swap CKB tokens on the Nervos Network mainnet. Also, you can experience a variety of functions that Bitget Wallet offers, in addition to accessing the Nervos Network DApp ecosystem. Get your own Nervos Network wallet now to explore more!

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Download Nervos Network Wallet

Download Nervos Network Wallet

How to create a Nervos (CKB) Wallet in Bitget Wallet

  1. 1. Go to Google Play or App Store to download Bitget Wallet.
  2. 2. Install and launch Bitget Wallet. Choose “Create A Wallet”.
  3. 3. Select “Add Mainnet”, select “Nervos Network”.
  4. 4. Return to the homepage of Bitget Wallet. The Nervos Network mainnet and CKB tokens are now showing on the homepage!

You can trade Nervos Network (CKB) perpetual futures on the Bitget Futures DApp, accessible through Bitget Wallet's Discover page.

Nervos (CKB) Wallet Features

Trade on Nervos Network

The Bitget Futures DApp listed on Bitget Wallet's Discover page supports the trading of Nervos Network (CKB). Bitget Futures supports a wide array of USDT futures trading pairs including BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, CKBUSDT, and many more, providing you with the most convenient and efficient ways of futures trading.

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Trade on Nervos Network

Trade on Nervos Network


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Nervos Network Logo

About Nervos Network

  • What is Nervos Network (CKB)?

    The Nervos Network is a blockchain platform that includes multiple layers designed for different functions. The foundational layer is the Common Knowledge Base (CKB), which employs a proof-of-work consensus model. Nervos stands out for its modular architecture, which supports a variety of Layer 2 networks and integrates different consensus mechanisms, programming languages, and data storage methods. This design allows Nervos to function as both a central hub and a cross-chain bridge, connecting various heterogeneous blockchains​​.

  • How many mainnets does Nervos Network have?

    Nervos Network has two main layer 2 blockchains: Godwoken and Axon. Godwoken is a blockchain protocol that runs virtual machines or consensus models, enabling large numbers of transactions to be processed and submitted in batches to the foundational layer for verification. It utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing for Ethereum tool integration and direct interaction with Nervos. Axon, on the other hand, is an EVM-compatible sidechain protocol optimized for higher transaction throughput.

  • What is BTCKB?

    The RGB++ Protocol is an innovative extension of the original RGB protocol within the Bitcoin ecosystem, merges the strengths of Bitcoin and Nervos CKB. Using innovative single-use seals and client-side validation, RGB++ introduces a seamless integration of Bitcoin UTXOs with Nervos CKB Cells through isomorphic binding. This approach ensures accuracy in state computations and ownership validity by utilizing script constraints on both chains. Addressing the original RGB's challenges, RGB++ unlocks new capabilities like blockchain-enhanced client validation and ownerless contracts, all while maintaining security without the need for cross-chain transactions. This protocol further exemplifies innovation in blockchain, as seen in the creation of the term "BTCKB", a play on the native token CKB, representing the synergy of BTC and CKB.

  • What is Nervos Inscription?

    Omiga Inscription Protocol is a groundbreaking platform on the Nervos CKB blockchain, launched on January 16. It innovates in the realm of digital asset minting and management, offering significant efficiency and fairness. Key features include a complete on-chain verification of inscriptions, compatibility with mainstream Bitcoin wallets, and no need for centralized indexing. Following its launch, there was a substantial increase in transaction volume and CKB fees, highlighting its impact. The protocol issues MEMES inscriptions, with a total supply of 21 million and 10 MEMES per mint. Future developments aim to introduce cross-chain bridges and trading markets for Bitcoin and CKB inscriptions.

  • How is Nervos Network (CKB) different from other Bitcoin L2 solutions?

    Nervos Network differs from other Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions primarily in its modular architecture and the unique features of its foundational layer, the CKB. The network leverages the flexibility and interoperability provided by its design to support various Layer 2 networks and integrate different consensus mechanisms and programming languages. Nervos uses the NC-Max consensus mechanism, a variant of Bitcoin's Nakamoto Consensus, to enhance performance and resistance to certain types of mining attacks. Additionally, the network's use of the novel hash function Eaglesong distinguishes it in terms of ASIC manufacturing and mining efficiency​​.

  • How to use Nervos Network (CKB) Wallet?

    The simplest way to start using Nervos Network is by creating a Nervos Wallet in Bitget Wallet, which can be installed via Google Play, App Store, or as a Chrome extension. After installation, you can now explore Nervos Network and start making translations.