San FranTokyo Genesis Pass
San FranTokyo Genesis Pass

An all access pass into San FranTokyo, The City of Convergence. SFT Studios starts with a collection of 2,000 exclusive passes, providing unparalleled access into the heart of San FranTokyo. The SFT Genesis Pass is not just a ticket, but an invitation to a world where anime content transcends boundaries, bridging web2 and web3 anime content like never before. Holders of the SFT Genesis Pass, initially for Weebox, will be granted exclusive access to licensed drops, limited-edition collectibles, and specially curated experiences, and more. As San FranTokyo grows and evolves, SFT Genesis Pass holders will always have priority and the greatest benefits. Join us as we take the first step into a realm that celebrates anime like never before. The storytelling begins here in The City of Convergence, where the future of anime and manga fandom is being redefined. Visit for more details, and let your adventure with SFT Studios begin.

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