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MeMes Punks
MeMes Punks

V2 [MeMes Ape](https://opensea.io/collection/memes-ape-punks) step 2 only MeMes Punk owners can mint Ape for free. step 3- once the minting is completed MeMes token airdrops are completed🌕There is a secret and there is a truth. small multiples don't take anyone to the top. meme lovers love big and whales always come out on top. it's time to dream bigger keep the place at 0.1 eth and be patient. here come the brave memes and they have come !!! MeMes Punks is the PFP for art collectors. Each of the 3,333 digital artworks in the collection gives owners access to unique experiences to connect with artists and own and support their art. As a community, MeMes Punks is the home of creators, dreamers and collectors seeking true connection as we all contribute to the future of web3 art, culture and technology. MeMes Punks art is fully on-chain, meaning that images are extracted directly from the smart contract without the need to be stored in IPFS or similar. The punks are all unique with their specially designed backgrounds. golden light reflections reflect their differences in IPFS. MeMes Punks are divided into groups V1 and V2. Each group is an entry opportunity for collection owners (they have priority). (V1 is the upcoming 2.222 Monkeys collection and collectors are eligible for free prints) (V2 is a surprise collection for MeMes Punks and Apes holders and offers MeMes token airdrops) Those with a limited number of Golden Alien NFTs should remember to send an email to claim their meme airdrop (number and wallet address of your Golden Alien NFT) MAIL; ([email protected]) Due to popular email requests, all 3,333 units were released!!

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