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Jungle Bay
Jungle Bay

Jungle Bay is a community of mfers who came for the art, and stayed to FAFO. Jungle Bay has become the blueprint for building in uncharted waters—the OG "Lord of the Flies" origin story. From the ashes of rug, to art development of 1:1 free exchange token, mint-out, site developments in multiple metaverses (Jungle Bay Island🏝️), a custom digital avatars collection, QR code guerrilla marketing contests, customized jmGPT, a meme cards collection in collaboration with mfers artists, lore collection, and more—our community is a growing family of based mfers. Join us! Official Links: https://linktr.ee/junglebayisland

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  • ETH ETH 0.03

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  • ETH ETH 764

    Total vol

  • 5.6K


  • 1.9K