About the funding cost

Bitget contract [fee]
1. Funding cost introduction

The funding cost is the core operating mechanism of the Bitget perpetual contract.

The funding aims to ensure that the transaction price of the perpetual contract closely follows the underlying reference price, through the regular exchange of funding fees between the long and short sides.

2. Explanation of expenses

1. Bitget does not charge any fee, and the fee is charged by users.

2. Fees are generated every 8 hours, respectively07:00, 15:00, 23:00 (UTC+08:00), you only need to pay or charge fees if you hold positions on these specific charging times.

3. When the fee is collected, it will be deducted from the fixed margin of the users' position. At most, it will be deducted until the user's margin rate is equal to the maintenance margin rate and there is a certain percentage of the remaining amount. The excess will not be charged. The actual fee that the user can charge also depends on the total amount deducted from the counterparty's account.

If the leverage is relatively high, the system will not charge funding fees at certain settlement points.