Bitget Wallet’s Discover Page (DApp Browser)


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1. Searching a DApp

If you're looking for a specific DApp by name or URL, simply type it into the search bar. Remember to check for any spaces in the DApp's name as you type.

Alternatively, if you have a QR code for the DApp, tap the scan icon in the top-right corner to scan and access it.

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2. Choosing and Adding a Mainnet

To use DApps from various mainnets on your Bitget Wallet, there are several methods:

First Method: Before going to the DApp discovery page, choose or change the mainnet by tapping at the wallet's home page's top-right corner. If the mainnet you're looking for isn't listed, tap "Add Mainnet" at the bottom, search or scroll to find, and then select it to add.

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Second Method: Within the DApp, you can switch or select the mainnet at the top of its homepage.

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Third Method: You can also switch mainnets after accessing a DApp. Tap your wallet profile icon on top and choose your preferred mainnet.

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3. Connecting Your Wallet

Connect your wallet from the DApp's homepage by clicking "Connect Wallet", the wallet logo, or "Sign In" button, typically found in the upper-right corner (though some DApps may have it on the left). If these options aren't visible, don't worry. Many DApps will prompt you to connect your wallet as you try to use certain features.

For example, in SyncSwap, click "Getting Started" and choose "Bitget Wallet" to connect.

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4. Interacting with DApps via the Bitget Wallet App

Once you've selected the main network and connected your wallet, choose the action you'd like to take (e.g., Confirm, Deposit, Transfer). A request will pop up at the bottom of the screen. After adjusting the details and fees, tap "Confirm" to proceed with your action. Then, just wait for the operation to complete.

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5.DApp Interaction FAQ

1. Why can't I confirm transactions or see my balance when using a specific DApp, even though I have assets in my account?

This issue may arise due to the assets being on mainnet A, while you're attempting to interact with a DApp on mainnet B. As a result, the system will notify you of possible insufficient balance on mainnet B. In such cases, you can utilize the cross-chain Swap feature within the Bitget Wallet or explore other Bridge DApps recommended within the DApp interface to transfer assets between both networks. Try again after you have transferred your assets.


2. Can I cancel orders within a DApp?

For on-chain transactions, once a transaction is successfully executed, its decentralized and immutable nature generally prevents cancellations or reversals. In cases of staking transactions, if you wish to withdraw your staked assets, you can initiate the withdrawal process within the staking interface of the DApp. In urgent situations, it is advisable to contact the official customer support of the DApp through their official community channels to seek assistance.


3. Why can't I withdraw assets from a DApp?

If you have granted authorization to a DApp, your assets may be governed by the smart contracts of that DApp (developed by the project's technical team).

Once authorized, your assets essentially come under the control of the DApp's smart contract. In such instances, if you encounter asset-related problems, it is essential to promptly contact the official customer support of that DApp for assistance.

It is also important to note that the wallet primarily serves as a gateway to access DApps and does not hold control over your assets. For instance, if you access a DEX DApp page via Bitget and authorize assets for deposit or staking within that DEX, and subsequently face issues retrieving those assets, it is recommended to directly reach out to the official customer support of that DEX to report the problem and initiate an asset recovery process.



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