How to Create a Solana Wallet and Deposit Funds?


Create a New Solana Wallet

Tap 'All Mainnets' on the top right corner and select 'Add Mainnet'. Search for 'Solana' and tap the '+' icon to add it.


Copy Solana Wallet Address

After adding it, your wallet will switch to the Solana network automatically. Tap the 'Copy' icon to copy your Solana wallet address.


Deposit Solana (SOL) to Your Wallet

To deposit Solana (SOL) to your Bitget Wallet from other crypto wallets or exchanges, simply:

  1. Select 'Solana' network on the top right corner and tap 'Receive'.

  2. Tap 'Receive' again.

  3. Copy your Solana wallet address, or use the QR code for easier transfers.

  4. From your selected exchange or wallet, start a withdrawal or transfer process and paste your SOL wallet address to deposit funds.