How to Receive BWB Airdrop?


How to Receive BWB Airdrop? image 0

Steps to Receive BWB Airdrop for New Bitget Wallet Users

1. Claim Your Airdrop

After setting up your new wallet, navigate to "BWB" on the home screen, tap "Claim Airdrop," and authorize the transaction.

2. Enter Invitation Code (Optional)

If referred by a friend, input their code. Otherwise, skip this step. Agree to the terms and tap "Claim Now." Visit "Earn More BWB Points" to explore the airdrop campaign.

3. Start with 50 BWB Points

Congratulations! You've earned 50 BWB points, equivalent to $500 in trading volume, giving you a great start. Increase your points by inviting friends, swapping, or holding assets.


Steps to Earn More BWB Points

1. Swap to Unlock 50 Free Points and Earn More Points

To unlock the free 50 BWB Points, complete this simple task: swap $100 across any 3 days of the campaign. For more points, swap up to $1,000 daily. Each $100 in swaps earns 10 points, with a 100-point daily cap.

On the BWB campaign page, select "Go Now" to access the trading (swap) page. Select your preferred token and corresponding mainnet to start trading. Remember, you must swap on 3 different days within the campaign period to unlock the 50 BWB Points.


2. Earn Through Holding Assets

Besides trading, you can rack up more points by holding assets in your wallet. Gain 2 points for every $500 in assets held, with a daily maximum of 20 points.

To add assets to your wallet, head to the BWB campaign page and select "Deposit." Select your preferred token and its mainnet. You can copy your wallet address or share it with yourself for easier transfers. From the exchange or wallet of your choice, initiate a withdrawal or transfer using your wallet address.

3. Amplify Your Rewards by Inviting Friends

Invite friends to download the Bitget Wallet App, and you'll earn a bonus equivalent to 10% of the points they accumulate (this excludes points from their own referrals and points that are locked).

On the BWB campaign page, select "Invite" to share the invitation poster or link with your friends. Remember to tell them to use your invitation code when claiming their free BWB airdrop. For a smooth start, encourage them to follow this guide!