How to search for Tokens for trading?


1) Click [Swap], first enter the market page, you can add some currencies that may be frequently traded;
If there is no currency you want to trade here, click the search icon on the upper right, and enter the currency name or contract address in the search bar. Take BNB as an example, you can see that the search result is more than one BNB, and the user needs to select the target public chain. BNB, and then click the five-pointed star icon on the right side of the currency to favorite.

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2) Take ETH as an example to search, you can see more ETHs on different main chains, users need to carefully identify the main chain ETH that needs to be traded. In addition to searching and adding the currency that you want to trade, users can add the favorite currency to the list of my favorite currencies;
Click the icon in the upper right corner of the currency list, you can adjust the order of the concerned currencies, one-click to specify or drag to adjust the order of the currencies. When there are many target currencies in the user's collection, the use of such a management widget can effectively help the user sort out the currency order.

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After adding a currency, every time you enter the Swap page, you can see the real-time market price of the favorite currency and conduct transactions, which is very convenient.