How to Use Bitget Swap?


Bitget Swap is one of the core functionalities of Bitget Wallet. It supports accurate candlestick charts and market data based on all-chain DEX (Decentralized Exchange) trading data, assisting users in making informed trading decisions. Moreover, Bitget Swap aggregates liquidity from hundreds of mainstream DEXs and cross-chain bridges, automatically comparing prices across the network for each transaction.

Bitget Swap supports a wide range of token pairs and straightforward trading operations. As long as two tokens have value, whether on the same chain or cross-chain, users can complete transactions at the best available prices. Bitget Swap is also one of the first trading platforms on the market to introduce the automatic slippage feature, using reasonable slippage to reduce transaction costs for users.

Additionally, Bitget Swap is an industry pioneer of the Instant Gas feature. Even if users do not hold the mainnet token in their wallet, they can still complete transactions by covering the gas cost through the Instant Gas advance payment.

The following tutorial will explain how to use Bitget Swap to complete your trades.


Advantages of Bitget Swap

Best Prices Across All Networks & Cost-Efficient Cross-Chain

  • Bitget Swap aggregates hundreds of top DEXs, offering the deepest liquidity.

  • It utilizes intelligent routing to find the best trade paths, automatically compares prices across the network, and provides the best trading prices effortlessly.

  • It simplifies cross-chain transactions, allowing for seamless one-step trading from token A on B blockchain to token C on D blockchain. This feature supports easy one-click cross-chain swap across more than 20 major blockchains.


Comprehensive Market Recommendations & Various Trading Modes

  • Over 20 categories of recommended cryptocurrency lists, providing the updated and hottest token lists based on market dynamics to help users conveniently select diverse investment targets.

  • Supports 3 trading modes: instant & cross-chain swap, limit order, and perpetual contract, catering to users' needs in different trading scenarios.


The Most Secure Trading Environment

  • Smart contracts are audited for security by leading security institutions like Go+ Security and Certik, ensuring no vulnerabilities and safeguarding users' assets.

  • Automatically detects gas-burn tokens, honeypot tokens, and junk tokens during trading, providing risk warnings to help users avoid scams.


How to Use Flash Swap?

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to trade and enter its detail page. Click on “Swap” to visit the Swap page.

  2. Choose the token you wish to swap and fill in the amount. After getting a quote, click “Confirm” to complete the transaction. Additionally, you can also adjust the slippage by clicking on “Slippage” in the page, or change the receiving address.


How to Perform a Cross-Chain Swap?

The steps for cross-chain swaps are the same as for flash swaps, except that you select a token from a different blockchain.

  1. The example shown is swapping USDT on the Ethereum network for BNB on the BNB Chain. Simply navigate to the Swap page and select the initial cryptocurrency, followed by the cryptocurrency and its corresponding mainnet you wish to swap for.

  2. Enter the amount and wait for the system to provide a quote. Then, click “Confirm” to complete the cross-chain swap.


How to View the Market Trending Token Lists?

In addition to trading your crypto assets, Bitget Swap also helps you discover the hottest or most potential cryptocurrencies on the market. You can find your intended trading cryptocurrency through the 20+ types of trending token lists in Bitget Swap.

  1. Click on “Swap” and select “All Rankings”, which then shows the price trends of cryptocurrencies across various chains. At the bottom of the page, you can swipe left in the list area to view different types of lists, or click on the dropdown box to view all list types.

  2. After selecting a list, you can scroll to view all the cryptocurrencies in that list. You can also sort the list by “24h Vol”, “Chg %”, and “Last Price”.

  1. Select a cryptocurrency from the list, click to enter its candlestick chart page. Here, you can view the market trend, financial data and other related information.

  2. Click “Buy” or “Sell” to start trading.

Currently, these lists are being updated and expanded based on market developments, aiming to help everyone more easily understand the hottest tracks and latest projects, discovering more trading opportunities.