How To Play Games In The TON Ecosystem


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Notcoin (NOT) is a token integrated into the TON ecosystem, specifically developed for the GameFi sector. This token is associated with a popular Telegram-based game where players earn Notcoins by tapping on the screen. This play-to-earn model has quickly gained momentum, attracting millions of users.

How to play

To play Notcoin, open the game via the Telegram app and start the Notcoin bot. Tap on a virtual coin to earn Notcoins, aiming to collect as many as possible.

Boosts and Features

Rocket Boost (Turbo Mode): Increases Notcoins earned per tap for a short time.

Full Energy: Replenishes your energy instantly, usable three times a day.

Auto Tap Bot: Automatically clicks for you once you reach the Silver League, costing 20,000 Notcoins.

Earning Extra Notcoins

Tasks: Complete in-game tasks like subscribing to channels.

Referrals: Invite friends to earn bonus Notcoins; Telegram Premium users get higher bonuses.

Joining Squads and Competing in Leagues

Join or create squads to compete on leaderboards. Progress through five leagues—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond—for more rewards and recognition.

Trading Notcoins for Real Value

Trade accumulated Notcoins for vouchers, which can be sold for TON cryptocurrency on platforms like GetGems.

Maximize your earnings by using boosts, completing tasks, and engaging with the community. Happy tapping!


Catizen is a viral crypto game on Telegram where you earn Catizen coins by managing a virtual cat city. Enjoy strategic gameplay, daily bonuses, and real cryptocurrency rewards through upcoming Catizen airdrops.

How to play

Getting started with Catizen is simple and quick. Before diving into the gameplay, make sure to complete these initial steps:

Step 1. Create a Telegram Account

Download the Telegram app and set up an account.

Step 2. Access the Catizen Bot 

Search for "Catizen" in Telegram and click "Start."

Step 3. Complete Registration 

Follow the instructions to set up your profile.

Playing Catizen and Earning Points

Crossbreed and Upgrade Cats: Use Catizen coins to breed and upgrade cats for higher earnings.

Manage Your Cat Colony: Assign tasks to optimize productivity.

Daily Tasks and Quests: Complete daily tasks for bonuses like Fish tokens and vKitty.

Use Boosts: Apply boosts to increase productivity and earnings.

Catizen Shop: Buy Fish and vKitty coins, and use them wisely for upgrades.

Fishing: Participate in fishing for extra tokens and rewards.

Autoclicker: Automate tasks like crossbreeding for 3900 Fish.

Events: Join events for additional rewards and airdrops.

Referral Program: Invite friends and earn Fish tokens.

Catizen Blind Boxes: Open for random in-game assets and NFTs.

NFT Integration: Trade or sell your cat NFTs on the marketplace.

Develop Buildings: Upgrade buildings to boost city productivity and coin earnings.


Pixelverse is a popular Telegram-based crypto game where you can earn $PIXFI tokens by completing quests and engaging in combat. Building on the success of StepApp, Pixelverse provides an immersive gaming experience with real cryptocurrency rewards, including upcoming airdrops and token sales.

How to play

To play Pixelverse, follow these steps to dive into its cyberpunk world and enjoy blockchain gaming:

Step 1. Create an Account

Visit the Pixelverse website and create an account. Link a compatible wallet like Bitget Wallet for transactions and rewards. For the Telegram mini-game, ensure you have a Telegram account and connect to a TON wallet.

Step 2. Access the Game Dashboard

Manage your profile, customize your avatar, and connect with the community through the game dashboard.

Step 3. Engage in Quests and Battles

PvE Battles: Earn items and experience by fighting against the environment.

PvP Arena Battles: Compete against other players to earn tokens and sharpen your strategies.

Step 4. Craft and Upgrade Bots

Gather Resources: Collect materials needed for crafting and upgrades.

Crafting: Build and enhance bots, turning them into NFTs for unique abilities and aesthetics, tradeable on the marketplace.

Step 5. Participate in Community Events

Join events and collaborative projects for additional rewards and community engagement.

Step 6. Earn and Utilize $PIXFI Tokens

In-Game Currency: Use $PIXFI for transactions, crafting, battling, and trading NFTs.

Staking and Governance: Stake tokens for rewards and participate in governance decisions.

Step 7. Invite Friends

Use your referral link to invite friends and earn tokens based on their activities.

Pixelverse leverages blockchain technology for secure gameplay and true ownership of digital assets. Enjoy its rich narrative, craft unique bots, and engage in PvE and PvP battles to earn real-world rewards.

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a trending Telegram-based crypto game where you mine HMSTR coins by running a virtual crypto exchange. With its rising popularity following Notcoin’s success, immerse yourself in strategic gameplay, daily bonuses, and the prospect of real cryptocurrency rewards through upcoming Hamster Kombat airdrops.

How to play

Getting Started with Hamster Kombat:

Step 1. Create a Telegram Account 

Download the Telegram app and set up your account if you haven’t already.

Step 2. Access the Hamster Kombat Bot 

Find the Hamster Kombat bot in Telegram or use the provided link. Click "Start" to begin.

Step 3. Complete Registration 

Follow on-screen instructions to register and set up your profile.

Gameplay Basics:

Tap to Earn: Tap on a digital hamster to mine Hamster coins, similar to Notcoin's gameplay.

Upgrade Your Exchange: Use earned coins to upgrade your virtual crypto exchange for higher earnings and new features.

Daily Combos: Invest in daily upgrades for bonuses, like 5 million free HMSTR coins. These combos change regularly.

Daily Cipher Missions: Complete special missions daily for an additional 1 million coins.

Use Boosts: Apply boosts to increase tapping productivity and energy limits. Claim six free boosts daily.

Earn Daily Bonuses: Log in daily and complete tasks for bonus rewards.

Referral Program: Invite friends for extra rewards to boost your earnings.

Tips to Maximize Earnings:

Upgrade Consistently: Enhance your exchange regularly to maximize coin earnings.

Stay Active: Engage in events and missions to earn more rewards.

Track Progress: Monitor leaderboards to gauge your standing and compare with others.