How To Get Plume Network Airdrop Step by Step?



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What Is The Plume Network?

Plume Network is revolutionizing blockchain technology with its innovative approach as the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated to real-world assets (RWAs). By integrating asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain, Plume aims to simplify the intricate processes involved in deploying RWA projects. Our mission extends to offering investors a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that facilitates cross-pollination and investment in a diverse range of RWAs.

Furthermore, Plume enhances RWA composability through its robust DeFi applications, enabling seamless interaction and integration across different asset classes. It also opens doors to high-quality buyers, thereby enhancing liquidity and accessibility for all tokenized RWAs within its ecosystem.

How Does Plume Network work?

Plume takes pride in its comprehensive end-to-end integrated technology stack, positioning itself as the premier platform for asset issuers to seamlessly deploy RWA projects and investors to efficiently onboard capital. We integrate with a multitude of solutions on both the asset and compliance side to streamline the onboarding process (more detail can be found in the integrations section).

By offering an end-to-end solution baked into our blockchain, Plume empowers RWA projects to concentrate fully on developing their products without being burdened by operational distractions. Simultaneously, investors benefit from a streamlined and secure environment, allowing them to deploy capital with peace of mind. This holistic approach fosters an ecosystem where innovation thrives, removing barriers and facilitating efficient collaboration between asset issuers and investors within the Plume network. ‎

What Makes Plume Network Unique?

Plume Network leverages Celestia and EigenLayer's Data Availability (DA) technology to reduce data storage costs, resulting in lower gas fees for RWA and DeFi projects built within the Plume ecosystem. This approach also aims to decrease deployment costs for future Plume projects, enhancing user interaction.

Built on the Arbitrum Nitro platform, Plume supports both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova. Plume has customized aspects of Arbitrum Nitro related to state transitions, particularly optimizing the execution process for RWA service providers to operate more efficiently and reduce gas costs compared to other blockchains.

Plume Network adheres to various token standards, including ERC-3643, tailored for secure issuance and management of Real World Asset (RWA) tokens. Issuers utilizing ERC-3643 can access interfaces to set restrictions on token conversion, freezing, revoking, and forced token swaps, ensuring compliance with RWA-related legal frameworks.

What Is The RWA Launcher?

Plume is the pioneering blockchain optimized for real-world assets, with asset tokenization as a fundamental feature. Unlike other tokenization platforms, which require asset issuers to pay tens of thousands of dollars to deploy a limited range of assets on permissioned or heavily restricted closed-source infrastructure—often incompatible with on-chain DeFi dApps—Plume offers a superior solution.

Introducing the Plume RWA Launcher, answer to these challenges. Currently under development, the RWA Launcher is a comprehensive, self-contained, end-to-end tested full-stack tokenization application that will be entirely open-source, MIT-licensed, and free—both in cost and in freedom. Anyone will be able to run the RWA Launcher by following the provided installation and setup instructions.

Plume Ecosystem Introduction

Introducing the Plume Ecosystem: the first blockchain optimized for real-world assets, featuring asset tokenization as a core capability. Unlike existing tokenization platforms that require high costs and lack compatibility with on-chain DeFi, Plume offers a superior solution.

The Plume RWA Launcher, currently in development, is a comprehensive asset tokenization application that is open-source, MIT-licensed, and free. Anyone can use the RWA Launcher by following simple installation instructions. Our goal is to democratize asset tokenization, making it accessible and affordable while removing barriers and seamlessly integrating with the DeFi ecosystem.

How To Get The Plume Network Airdrop Step by Step?

Visit the Plume Network Website: Begin by signing up for their incentivized testnet.

Connect Your Wallet: Link and verify your wallet to get started.

Link Social Accounts: Connect your X and Discord accounts.

Earn Points: Completing these tasks will earn you 300 points. Additionally, you can earn 30 points for each referral.

Future Opportunities: While Plume Network currently doesn’t have a token, they may launch one in the future. Users who accumulate points might receive an airdrop if a token is introduced. 

Note: There is no guarantee of an airdrop or token launch. However, Plume Network has confirmed that everyone who signs up for the testnet will be rewarded.

What Is The Best Wallet For Plume?

To engage with Plume's test network, set up a compatible wallet. Plume supports various wallets compatible with EVM, with Bitget Wallet being recognized as the top choice for integrating with Plume.

Bitget Wallet is the largest cryptocurrency wallet in Asia, serving over 19 million users globally. The wallet offers comprehensive features including asset management, intelligent market data, trading capabilities, launchpad services, data inscribing, and browsing decentralized applications (DApps).

How To Bridge Into Plume Testnet?

Initially, your Plume wallet will not contain any ETH, but you can easily acquire some by transferring testnet ETH from Sepolia to Plume.

Start by obtaining SepoliaETH into your Sepolia wallet from one of the following faucets. The transaction will be confirmed in under a minute:

- Alchemy Faucet (Alchemy account required)

- Infura Faucet (Infura account required)

- QuickNode Faucet (0.001 ETH required in your Ethereum Mainnet wallet)

- Sepolia PoW Faucet (requires providing hashpower to prevent bots)

Next, use the Plume Testnet Bridge to transfer SepoliaETH to Plume. The transaction will be confirmed within three minutes.

Are Plume Wallets All Free?

Yes, Plume wallets integrated within Bitget Wallet are completely free to use. There are no charges or fees associated with creating or using a Plume wallet within the Bitget ecosystem. This ensures convenience and encourages users to actively manage and trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly through Bitget Wallet.