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How To Check The DeFi TON Ecosystem

The TON ecosystem, which is powered by the native Toncoin (TON), has grown into a bustling center for DeFi initiatives. To identify possible airdrop possibilities, it’s critical to remain current on the newest advancements in this ecosystem.

There are many tools and services available to help you follow TON-based initiatives and possible airdrops. Websites such as DefiLlama and CoinGecko provide thorough listings of DeFi projects on several blockchains, including TON. Filter by category, total value locked (TVL), and other parameters to find attractive projects.

Twitter and Telegram are also useful sources. Follow official TON channels, influencers, and community organizations to learn about new projects, airdrops, and other updates. Engaging with the community can lead to important information and possible airdrop possibilities.

TON Airdrop Strategy Step By Step

Participating in TON airdrops is a profitable method to earn free tokens while also possibly benefiting from the success of prospective projects. Here's a step-by-step method for increasing your chances of success:

Researching and identifying promising projects: Conduct thorough studies on emerging TON-based initiatives and evaluate their viability. Seek initiatives with strong teams, unique concepts, and engaged communities.

Completing eligibility tasks: To qualify for most airdrops, volunteers must complete particular activities. These duties might involve following social media profiles, joining Telegram groups, doing quizzes, or participating in the project's platform.

Staying engaged: Actively engage in the project's community by providing feedback and contributing to conversations. This indicates real curiosity and boosts your chances of receiving a prize.

Diversifying your participation: Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Participate in several airdrops to improve your chances of obtaining tokens from different projects.

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Hottest Upcoming Airdrops

The TON ecosystem is overflowing with intriguing initiatives, and several want to reward their communities via airdrops. Here are six of the most popular forthcoming airdrops to keep an eye on:

#1: Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a gripping Telegram clicker game in which you play as a hamster CEO, developing and operating a virtual cryptocurrency exchange. Become the most successful hamster entrepreneur by upgrading your exchange's features, spending prudently, and competing with other players. It is an engaging and addictive method of experiencing the cryptocurrency industry.

What's creating all the excitement? Hamster Kombat is preparing for a major airdrop of their token, HMSTR, on the TON network in July 2024. The airdrop is dependent on your in-game earnings and activities, meaning the more you play, the greater your potential benefits!

#2: Pixelverse

Pixelverse is the most popular new hangout in the metaverse! It's a pixel art-themed virtual world where you may create your ideal environment, own a piece of digital land, and interact with other people. They have a very unique game called PixelTap, in which you tap your way to victory in epic battles.

Hold on tight, as Pixelverse will be releasing its own PIXFI token in July, and you can grab a piece of the action with an airdrop in late June. The more you win PixelTap fights, the larger your share of the airdrop will be.

Pixelverse, which just received $5.5 million in investment, is on a quest to extend its cyberpunk-themed environment. And, with the planned airdrop and token launch, the future seems promising for this creative initiative.

#3: Pepe Wick

Pepe Wick is a Telegram tap-to-earn game with a unique twist! You play as Pepe, a frog on a journey to save his pet dog from the evil kimchi invaders. It's a fun and addicting game with a vintage aesthetic, and each touch wins you in-game cash.

But the true excitement is the imminent airdrop of the PEW token. The creators have announced a total supply of 100 million PEW, with a whopping 6 million tokens (6%!) reserved for the airdrop.

To join the fun, try playing Pepe Wick now! The more you tap and advance, the more likely you are to acquire PEW tokens via the airdrop. Furthermore, the game has a unique NFT system in which you may acquire and upgrade various frog NFTs to boost your profits and unlock special powers.

#4: Catizen

Calling all cat lovers! Catizen is the perfect game for you. It's a fun tap-to-earn game in which you play as the mayor of your own cat-populated city. The best part is that Catizen is giving away 35% of its $CATI token supply in an airdrop!

Let’s go to Telegram and launch the CatizenBot right away. You can open free Meow blind boxes, spin for prizes, and even raise your own virtual cats to win extra tokens. Plus, encouraging your friends to play also gives you additional benefits!

#5: Mow

Mow is changing up the social networking world on the TON blockchain! It's a decentralized network that gives you ownership over your data and compensates you for your content. Consider it a hybrid of Twitter and Instagram, but without the annoying advertisements and privacy problems.

It's still early days for Mow, but with an emphasis on privacy and user benefits, the future seems promising. As more individuals explore alternatives to conventional social media, Mow has the potential to become the go-to site for those who respect their data and want to make money while sharing it.

Although Mow has not officially declared an airdrop, one is believed to be in the planning. The initiative has already developed an incentive-based testnet in which users may earn points for doing tasks and giving feedback. These points might be turned into tokens in a future airdrop to reward early adopters and active community members.

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#6: Travel Frog

Travel Frog is a fun and addictive tap-to-earn game on the TON blockchain in which you guide a lovely little frog on its trip, gathering clovers, unlocking treasure boxes, and climbing the leaderboards.

Travel Frog's unique combination of casual gaming and cryptocurrency prizes attracts an increasing number of users. With the possibility of an airdrop of the $FROG token, the game is generating interest in the TON ecosystem.

While there has been no official airdrop announcement, the game's mechanics indicate that $FROG may be earned via active participation and in-game accomplishments. The creators have also hinted at a future token generation event (TGE), which will lead to a huge boost in the token's value.