What is Linea?

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  • Linea, a Layer 2 (L2) Ethereum scaling solution, embraces a "developer-centric" philosophy, offering seamless integration with Web3 tools, remarkable transaction speeds, and solutions for Ethereum's blockchain trilemma.
  • Developers thrive on Linea's platform, benefiting from EVM compatibility, cost-efficient DApp development, and enhanced security through zero-knowledge proofs. Linea's innovative prover design ensures rapid transaction finalization and reduced gas costs.
  • Linea's array of advantages includes seamless developer integration, scalable DApp creation, zero-knowledge security, EVM compatibility, and fast finalization with reduced gas costs.

Derived from the latin word for "line", Linea is a Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution on the Ethereum blockchain that adopts a "developer-centric" approach. Formerly known as ConesnSys zkEVM, Linea boasts seamless integration with popular Web3 tools, unparalleled transaction speeds, and commitment to empowering developers, and is poised to offer a solution to Ethereum's blockchain trilemma.

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Linea: A Developer's Paradise

At the heart of Linea lies a developer-centric approach. By delivering a seamless, EVM-compatible environment, Linea empowers Ethereum builders to focus on what they do best: creating innovative DApps. This means that developers can effortlessly build scalable DApps or migrate existing ones, all while benefiting from a reduced reliance on gas costs and the seamless transition of their established toolkits.

How does Linea Work?

Linea's technical prowess stems from its strategic integration of zero-knowledge proofs with full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalence. This sophisticated combination underpins Linea's unique selling proposition, allowing developers to craft scalable DApps without the complexity of altering code or rewriting smart contracts. The platform's innovative prover design guarantees faster transaction speeds, diminished gas costs, and robust security, making Linea a trailblazer in both efficiency and trust.

Advantages of Linea

In the realm of L2 scaling solutions, Linea stands out with its impressive array of advantages:

1. Seamless Developer Environment

Linea stands out through its commitment to a developer-centric haven. Seamlessly aligning with widely adopted tools, it offers an effortless entry point for builders, eradicating the daunting learning curves often entwined with new platforms. This enables developers to seamlessly transition from their existing toolkits to Linea, fostering an unparalleled journey that expedites the creation of transformative DApps.

Moreover, Linea's zkEVM boasts complete EVM bytecode compatibility, enhanced by out-of-the-box integrations with key Consensys tools. This comprehensive integration encompasses Infura, the ConsenSys Diligence platform, Truffle Suite, and Hyperledger Besu, solidifying Linea's position as a powerful and robust ecosystem.

2. Scalable DApp Creation

Linea redefines the very essence of scalable DApp development. For developers, Linea becomes a realm of endless possibilities, where the creation of scalable DApps or the seamless migration of existing ones becomes a reality devoid of code alterations or the cumbersome task of rewriting intricate smart contracts. Linea's inclusive approach allows developers to carry forward their ingenuity while sidestepping the complexities that could hinder their creative flow.

3. Zero-Knowledge Security

Security, a paramount concern in the blockchain realm, finds an unyielding ally in Linea. By leveraging on zero-knowledge proofs, Linea ensures every transaction is validated with unyielding precision. This fortification of security is not merely a technical virtue; it's a tangible assurance that the transactions within Linea's realm are fortified by the same security benefits that underpin Ethereum's unparalleled reputation.

4. EVM Compatibility

Linea's EVM compatibility fosters a sense of familiarity and comfort for builders and developers alike. Ethereum developers, armed with their mastery of EVM, can confidently navigate the Linea environment with relative ease, allowing them to showcase their creativity and further drive concerted innovation.

5. Fast Finalization and Reduced Gas Costs

Linea's unique value proposition culminates in an efficiency-driven prover design that translates into rapid transaction finalization. This speed not only streamlines user experience but also holds the potential to revolutionize the very concept of transaction timelines in the blockchain sphere. In tandem, Linea's commitment to cost efficiency shines, with the innovative prover architecture leading to a substantial reduction in gas fees. The result is an ecosystem where every transaction achieves new heights of swiftness and affordability.

Linea's Growth

Linea's journey has been marked by resounding success. The private testnet phase witnessed some 5.5 million unique wallets carrying out an impressive 46 million transactions, underscoring Linea's readiness for mainstream adoption. As early partners and testers contributed to its evolution, Linea's ecosystem flourished, promising a new age of scalability and innovation.

With Linea's mainnet alpha release, a galaxy of possibilities unfolds. Its ecosystem of over 100 protocols, developer tools, and DApps empowers builders, users, and developers alike to embark on a journey of exploration and creation.

In a strategic move to catalyze pioneering developments on Linea, ConsenSys has inaugurated the Ecosystem Investment Alliance (EIA). This visionary venture assembles an impressive cohort of over 30 esteemed venture capital firms. Designed to propel the growth of Linea's vibrant ecosystem, this alliance offers a comprehensive package of support, encompassing dedicated capital, validated interest, and a clearly delineated roadmap for engagement.


Linea's emergence as an innovative Layer 2 solution heralds a transformative chapter in Ethereum's journey. By providing a fertile ground for developers to create scalable DApps and navigate a seamless ecosystem, Linea paves the way for the next wave of innovation in web3. With its blend of zero-knowledge proofs, EVM equivalence, and developer-centric approach, Linea unlocks a world where the potential of Ethereum meets the possibilities of tomorrow. As Linea's journey continues to unfold, the Ethereum community stands ready to shape a future defined by scalability, accessibility, and boundless creativity.

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