Exclusive $ZETA Rewards Totalling $600,000 Have Been Airdropped! Check Your Wallet Now!


Exclusive $ZETA Rewards Totalling $600,000 Have Been Airdropped! Check Your Wallet Now!  image 0

Zetachain's token, $ZETA, has garnered widespread attention following the official launch of the ZetaChain mainne. To provide exciting incentives for users for interacting with the ZetaChain testnet while growing the ZetaChain ecosystem at the same time, Bitget Wallet has collaborated with ZetaChain to kick-off the new Task2Get season featuring the ZetaChain testnet. The winners list has now been published below. In addition to receiving airdrops from Bitget Wallet, you can also claim even more rewards by following the tutorial.

1. Rewards of $600,000 $ZETA Distributed

Winners of the Task2Get activity are available for users to check out here. Users with NFT points of at least 1,000 will be eligible for rewards.
A total of 351,400 $ZETA tokens (valued at approximately $597,380 USDT) were distributed to 7,476 users, with the highest distribution per user reaching 100 $ZETA (valued at approximately $170).
The rewards will be airdropped to your Bitget Wallet address, so do check your Bitget Wallet account. If you have any further questions, please join Bitget Wallet's official community to reach customer service for assistance.
Surprise Announcement: TaskGet will soon launch a ZetaChain mainnet interaction event, where participants will have the chance to claim their share of a total prize pool of 350,000 $ZETA. Stay tuned!

2. How to Claim ZetaChain Official Airdrop?

The airdrop obtained by participating in the Task2Get activity is an exclusive reward from Bitget Wallet. You may also log in to the official ZetaChain airdrop website to claim interaction rewards. To do so, simply follow the steps below:
1) Copy the official airdrop address: https://hub.zetachain.com/claim (delays may be expected when traffic is congested);
2) Paste the URL into the search field of Bitget Wallet's DApp browser and connect your wallet to the site, then proceed to claim. Alternatively, you may also access the URL via your web browser and proceed with your claim after connecting via your Bitget Wallet browser extension.
Exclusive $ZETA Rewards Totalling $600,000 Have Been Airdropped! Check Your Wallet Now!  image 1

3. More Rewards, More Fairness in Task2Get Interaction

While there may be various other alternatives for you to interact with mainnets and new Web3 projects, Bitget Wallet's Task2Get platform provides several unique features to provide you with an even more rewarding experience:
  • Task2Get specially curates popular mainnets with impending airdrops, while also crafting straightforward and easy-to-access interaction guides. Additionally, interaction tutorials by renowned KOLs will also be provided to further assist you on your airdrop interaction journey.
  • Enjoy low barriers of entry and simple airdrop tasks! On average, the completion of 7 Task2Get tasks will earn a user around 1,000 NFT points, granting them eligibility for airdrop rewards.
  • Capitalize on your time on Task2Get with generous rewards! In this ZetaChain interaction event, users stand to receive not only official airdrops from ZetaChain, but also their share of 351,400 $ZETA from Bitget Wallet.
  • Additional rewards await users who participated in Task2Get interaction activities and have obtained exclusive NFT points.
  • Experience a fair playing field, with rewards distributed in proportion to your accumulated NFT points. The more NFT points you have, the greater your airdrop rewards!
Task2Get, Bitget Wallet's dedicated Web3 incentivized interaction platform, already boasts a strong legacy of past collaborations with popular networks including Linea, ZKFair, Scroll, zkLink, and more. Loyal users who have participated in multiple Task2Get campaigns will also stand receive future airdrops from Bitget Wallet.
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