Fair Launchpool Season 9: Enter the Game of MEME! Share in Our Biggest Airdrop Prize Pool of $200,000

Fair Launchpool Season 9: Enter the Game of MEME! Share in Our Biggest Airdrop Prize Pool of $200,000 image 0
Meme coin season continues! The $MOEW coin, launched on the Base mainnet by Bitget Wallet, has emerged as the 'Cat Coin' leader by skyrocketing 22,000% within just an hour of its launch.
Users holding over 200 BWB Points in their Bitget Wallet are receiving a free $MOEW airdrop. Are you still HODLing yours?
We're also thrilled to announce that Bitget Wallet's Swap transaction volume has reached a new peak of $340 million this week, surpassing MetaMask and claiming the global top spot. What's more? Our official X (Twitter) account is on the brink of reaching 1 million followers! Follow us now for the latest meme coin updates.
To celebrate these achievements, we're launching the most substantial airdrop prize pool yet for the Fair Launchpool event. By joining in this week-long Meme Party through trading meme coins and sharing this event, you have the opportunity to partake in airdrop rewards totaling $200,000!

Event Period

April 9th, 18:00 - April 16th, 18:00 (UTC+8)

Total Prize Pool: Various tokens worth $200,000

How to Participate

Join the launchpool by completing the tasks below for a chance to win airdrop rewards. Completing both Task 2 and Task 3 qualifies you for both task rewards.
1. Share the Event Tweet on X (Twitter)
Download Bitget Wallet, navigate to the "Earning Center" and select "Fair Launchpool". Tap on the 9th Fair Launchpool event and connect your X (Twitter) account (must be the latest Bitget Wallet app). Select "Start Interaction" to retweet and like the event's tweet.
2. Trade Meme Coins for a Share of $100,000 Prize Pool
Complete Swap transactions worth ≥ $100 in total with any listed meme coins and stand a chance to win $50 worth of airdrop. Check out the "Meme Token List" on Bitget Wallet's "Markets" page.
3. Participate in the Game of MEME for a Share of $100,000 Prize Pool
All meme actions count. The top-notch meme participants could walk away with up to $1000! Don't forget to tag @BitgetWallet with #memeativity hashtag and leave your EVM address.
Reward Distribution:
Airdrop Rewards
Total Number of Winners
Winners Selection
Meme Coins Trading
Game of MEME
MEME Influence

Participation Tutorial

1. Enter the Event Page
Visit the event page by tapping "Fair Launchpool Season 9" on the wallet's homepage. Then, retweet and like the event tweet on X (Twitter).
Fair Launchpool Season 9: Enter the Game of MEME! Share in Our Biggest Airdrop Prize Pool of $200,000 image 1
2. Trade Meme Coin ≥ $100
Select "Markets" to enter the quotation page and choose any token from the Meme Token List. After choosing, select "Buy" or "Sell" on the candlestick page. Choose your preferred token (e.g. MOEW), input the amount, and confirm the transaction.
Fair Launchpool Season 9: Enter the Game of MEME! Share in Our Biggest Airdrop Prize Pool of $200,000 image 2

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants must tap on the "Start Interaction" button to register the event and to be eligible for reward consideration. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of rewards.
  2. If a user participates with multiple wallet addresses, only the highest reward from a single address will be awarded.
  3. The event's $200,000 prize pool comprises various tokens from Bitget's listed projects, such as Ailey, JENSEN, Gui Inu, DF Capital, OmniCat, BeFi Labs, TON FISH MEMECOIN, EZswap Protocol, Monsterra, Decubate, ABBLE, Legends of Elysium, GraphLinq Protocol, Children's Aid Foundation, Nubcat, and Andy on SOL. Bitget Wallet will also buy back $MOEW from the secondary market and distribute them as one of the airdrop reward tokens.
  4. All rewards will be airdropped to the Bitget Wallet Rewards Account within 3 working days upon the event's conclusion. For guidance on using this account, please refer to the linked tutorial.
  5. All rewarded participants must clear the platform's risk control assessment to prevent Sybil activities, ensuring fairness throughout the event.
Bitget Wallet holds the right to the final interpretation of this event. Any participant found using improper methods or cheating may have their event rewards and redemption qualifications revoked upon verification.
Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Bitget Wallet. We are excited to bring you even more rewarding campaigns in the future and appreciate your continued participation.