GetDrop Season 2: Complete Tasks and Claim 100,000 UXLINK NFTs Guaranteed!

GetDrop Season 2: Complete Tasks and Claim 100,000 UXLINK NFTs Guaranteed! image 0
Bitget Wallet is thrilled to announce the second phase of GetDrop, spotlighting the burgeoning SocialFi sector which has recently eclipsed meme coins as the most captivating market trend. This edition introduces the UXLINK project, a prime example of Web3 social infrastructure thriving within the Telegram ecosystem.
UXLINK stands as the largest Web3 social infrastructure endeavor based on Telegram, boasting over 5 million users and 600,000 daily active on-chain/off-chain participants. Leveraging real social dynamics from Telegram, UXLINK facilitates over 90,000 Web3-driven groups to enhance user interaction and traffic, thereby delivering a secure, rapid, and liberating on-chain social experience.
Join GetDrop to claim your share of 100,000 exclusive UXLINK NFTs by completing tasks to secure a guaranteed airdrop! Newcomers completing the FRENS NFT task will also gain 50 $UXLINK tokens per NFT.

Event Period

May 10th, 16:00 - May 19th, 16:00 (UTC+8)

Total Prize Pool: 100,000 UXLINK NFTs

UXLINK has issued an NFT on May 5th as an airdrop voucher for receiving $UXLINK.
Holding a UXLINK NFT entitles you to:
  • Guaranteed participation in $UXLINK's Season 1 token airdrop (pre-TGE)
  • Early access to UXLINK's Q2 and Q3 token sales (within 60 days post-TGE)
  • Potential airdrops from over 50 UXLINK ecosystem partners
  • Voting rights in community governance
Rewards Notification and Collection:
  • Eligible participants will have their NFT whitelist addresses announced in the GetDrop event section and on Bitget Wallet's official Twitter.
  • After securing the whitelist, connect your wallet to the UXLINK official site by May 21st to mint your NFTs. Access the official NFT minting site here.
  • $UXLINK tokens are scheduled for airdrop by the end of May. Stay updated via official announcements.

How to Participate

During the event, download Bitget Wallet and accomplish the following UXLINK tasks in the "GetDrop" section of the Earning Center to earn rewards:
  1. Follow UXLINK official Twitter.
  2. Complete any Swap transaction > 10 USDT to secure a LINK NFT whitelist spot. Complete the task to guarantee 100% eligibility. Each LINK NFT also comes with a 10 $UXLINK token airdrop.
  3. Exclusively for new users: Those who complete any Swap transaction > 10 USDT will receive the LINK NFT, and may also win a FRENS NFT (limited to 1,000 FCFS). Each FRENS NFT includes an additional 50 $UXLINK token airdrop.
Navigate to Bitget Wallet Earning Center > GetDrop > UXLINK event page > Start interaction!

Participation Tutorial

1. Follow UXLINK official Twitter
GetDrop Season 2: Complete Tasks and Claim 100,000 UXLINK NFTs Guaranteed! image 1
2. Execute any Swap transaction > 10 USDT
Task 2 is for existing users; Task 3 is for new users. After entering the market page, choose your preferred token and start trading.
GetDrop Season 2: Complete Tasks and Claim 100,000 UXLINK NFTs Guaranteed! image 2

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants must tap on the "Start Interaction" button to register the event and to be eligible for reward consideration. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of rewards.
  2. New user definition: Users who download Bitget Wallet for the first time after the start of the event on May 10th.
  3. Rewards cannot be obtained repeatedly. If a user participates with multiple wallet addresses, only the highest reward from a single address will be awarded.
  4. All rewarded participants must clear the platform's risk control assessment to prevent Sybil activities, ensuring fairness throughout the event.
Bitget Wallet holds the right to the final interpretation of this event. Any participant found using improper methods or cheating may have their event rewards and redemption qualifications revoked upon verification.
Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Bitget Wallet. We are excited to bring you even more rewarding campaigns in the future and appreciate your continued participation.