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What do dinosaurs, rescuing cats stuck in trees, and genetic manipulation have in common? If you're thinking "Web3 Metaverse game", you are indeed correct. Cradles: Origin of Species emerges as a groundbreaking blockchain MMORPG developed by DRepublic that offers a unique blend of blockchain technology, innovative gameplay mechanics, and a dynamic economic model to create a gaming world that transcends conventional gameplay boundaries.


Unveiling the Cradles Universe

The Premise: Forgotten Earth

Cradles presents a world that has largely forgotten the human species. Players are entrusted with the responsibility of building a new home and civilization to shelter the descendants of Earth's former masters.

Blockchain Integration

Cradles utilizes blockchain technology, offering a decentralized and transparent gaming experience. The game introduces a subscription-based model, eliminating the need for players to purchase NFTs directly.

Metaverse Exploration

The open-world metaverse of Cradles is divided into two main regions. The main city serves as a safe haven for players to thrive and develop, while the adventure zone offers a wild open area where players can encounter extinct predators.

Gameplay Dynamics

Cradles starts players with basic tasks, guiding them through missions such as hunting beasts and protecting villages. As players progress, they learn the basics, acquire equipment, and explore the vast, randomly generated world. 

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Tame your herd, grow your ecosystem

City missions range from helping animals to repairing homes, contributing to the overall governance index. Players can access the Ecosystem function to maintain balance by hunting specific species, earning rewards for ecological contributions. The game's focus on ecological balance and prosperity is so great that users get rewarded simply for helping to maintain this delicate balance, with the game suggesting specific creatures for the player to hunt. After all, the user's main goal is to serve as the ultimate geneticist, so it makes sense for environmental equilibrium to be a main consideration factor. And yes, players do get rewarded with Crystals for helping to maintain the ecosystem as well. Players also get rewarded for hunting fauna, neutral species, and capturing certain creatures in the game environment as well.

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Raptor buffet, anyone?

Players are rewarded with Crystals for completing city tasks, and these rewards will increase as players continue helping the city prosper by completing quests, warding off hostile attackers, and simply contributing to the prosperity of the city.

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Did we mention dinos?

If you are a seasoned gaming veteran, one of the major aspects of any multiplayer game that would be of interest to you is player-versus-player (PvP), which Cradles does integrate. Aside from hunting wild animals and defending the main city during times of animal attacks and crises, Cradles allows for players to initiate attacks on other players, and get rewarded for triumphing in these fights. Be warned though - winning several PvP fights will eventually lead to a gradual increase of your "Wanted" index, which will consequently increase the bounty on your head and lead to other players hunting you down. Just as the game focuses on ecological equilibrium, so may the hunters eventually wind up - potentially - as the hunted.

Another key aspect that may be of interest to many players would be the game's well-polished character creation stage. From eye color to physique and skin tone, players have a diverse range of options to choose from when customizing their preferred avatar. Additionally, being run on Unreal Engine 5 gives the game an added boost in providing high-quality texturization and model manipulation - providing one of the most engaging and fun character building stages of any blockchain game by far.

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Speaking of cosmetics, Cradles boasts various weapon types for players to experiment with, including bow, one handed sword, and greatsword. The best bit? Each weapon has its own unique in-game look once equipped, which really adds to the overall feel and personalization factor for players.

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The pen is definitely not mightier than the (great)sword

Additionally, users will also be able to upgrade their weapon's proficiency level with skill points after using a certain type for a set period of time. If you have tried your hands on games such as Monster Hunter and Elder Scrolls, the weapon skill tree system is fairly similar. You may choose to be a jack-of-all-trades, alternating between multiple weapon types, or opt to focus all your attention into your favorite typing. The choice is yours. Skill points can also be used in other areas as well, including mining or lumbering, to improve your resource-gathering efficiency.

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Economic Model and Play-to-Earn

Staking in NFTs (SIN)

Cradles features a Stake In NFTs (SIN) mechanism, allowing players to earn extra in-game rewards. Live streamers can also involve their viewers in staking, gaining a competitive edge and providing unqiue ways for content creators to better engage with their fans within the game.

Influence Mechanism

The game plans to develop an influencer platform where organizations or individuals can submit game content. Profits are distributed between the content creator and the Cradles team, encouraging the creation of unique and engaging content.

Token System (DRPC)

The in-game currency, DRPC (DRepublic Coin), can be used for various purposes, including purchasing game tickets and physical souvenir NFTs. The ERC-3664 token standard also adds flexibility to the overall Cradles ecosystem.

AI Integration

Cradles leverages AI technology, incorporating reinforcement learning for character interactions and battles. Community and miners can also earn rewards by providing computing power for the AI model.

Governance and Community Involvement

The game is community-based, with governance proposals and 25% of token rights set aside for developers participating in Cradles Together activities. Players contributing to the game's development can include "Easter Eggs" for future players' entertainment.


Bitget Wallet x Cradles

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Cradles: Origin of Species stands at the forefront of innovation in the gaming industry, merging blockchain technology, AI integration, and a robust economic model to create an engaging and dynamic virtual world. With its subscription-based approach, play-to-earn incentives, and commitment to community involvement, Cradles sets a new standard for MMORPGs, offering players an unparalleled gaming experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries. As the game continues to evolve, it holds the promise of shaping the future landscape of blockchain-powered virtual reality gaming.


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