How to Remove a Wallet Address from Bitget Wallet?


How to Remove a Wallet Address from Bitget Wallet? image 0

In certain circumstances, you might need to delete a wallet address from your Bitget Wallet, such as for security purposes or if you're no longer using the wallet address. Before proceeding with the deletion, ensure you have backed up your private key or mnemonic phrase. Failing to do so means that once the address is deleted, you will lose access to the wallet permanently, potentially leading to irrecoverable loss of assets.


Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting a Wallet Address

Step 1: After backing up a copy of your private key or mnemonic phrase, navigate to the wallet homepage. Tap on the drop-down box to the right of the wallet name and select "Management".

Step 2: Select the edit symbol next to the wallet you wish to delete.

Step 3: Choose "Remove This Wallet" and read the warning message carefully. If you're certain about the deletion, click "Yes" to permanently remove the wallet from Bitget Wallet.


Important Notes:

  1. Data from the deleted wallet cannot be recovered. Please proceed with extreme caution.

  2. Deleting the wallet from the app does not erase the wallet address from the blockchain. It will continue to exist indefinitely and cannot be altered or removed.

  3. Ensure that any assets in the wallet are transferred to another wallet address before deletion.

  4. Deleting a 'hot' wallet account does not impact its corresponding 'cold' wallet.

  5. Regularly review and clean up old or unused wallet addresses to minimize security risks.


Exercise caution when deleting wallet addresses. For further assistance, please join the official Bitget Wallet Telegram community and consult the administrator.