How to Use the DApp Browser?


As a gateway to the Web3 world, Bitget Wallet's DApp Browser includes over 20,000 commonly used DApps, while also supporting access to any DApp through a URL. To facilitate the easy discovery of popular mainnet DApps, dedicated sections for Bitcoin, Solana, Core DAO, and other mainnets have been launched, simplifying the search for DApps.

In November, Bitget Wallet DApp introduced an innovative Web3 exploration incentive platform, Task2Get. This platform is designed to encourage continuous interaction with various popular mainnets, helping users to earn substantial future returns. Additionally, users receive exclusive rewards from Task2Get upon completing interactive tasks. This multi-reward system adds motivation to users' exploration and interaction in Web3.

Furthermore, to ensure safe user interaction, Bitget Wallet offers features like smart contract detection and risk authorization notifications, significantly enhancing the safety of connecting and interacting with DApps.


Advantages of Bitget Wallet DApp Browser

  1. Supports DApps from 70+ popular mainnets.

  2. Provides a DApp hot search list for easy discovery of popular projects.

  3. Features the Task2Get portal, a one-stop Web3 exploration incentive platform.

  4. Enables the switching of mainnets within DApps.

  5. Uninterrupted DApp interaction.

  6. Offers security warnings and notifications of abnormal DApps to avoid phishing scams.


How to Access and Interact with DApps?

  1. Visit the “DApp” section on Bitget Wallet. Click on the "Bitcoin" tab to interact with trending DApps on the Bitcoin network.

  2. You can also use the search box to view popular searched DApps. Select the preferred DApp and connect your wallet.

If you want to access a DApp using a URL, copy and paste the URL into the search box for seamless access.


How to Participate in Task2Get Events?

Task2Get, launched by Bitget Wallet, is a Web3 exploration incentive platform designed to facilitate continuous interaction with various popular mainnets for substantial future returns. Users will receive exclusive rewards from Task2Get after completing interactive tasks.

On the Task2Get page, interact with projects from different ecosystems, with each interactive task offering unique challenges or rare NFT rewards.

For example, let's consider a recent campaign on the ZKFair mainnet:

  1. After adding the ZKFair mainnet, click “DApp” on the homepage, select “Task2Get” and “ZKFair”.

  2. This page displays several interactive tasks. Click “Interact Now” for each task and follow the guide to complete them. Additionally, you can collect testnet tokens on this page, check interaction rankings, and view KOL strategies.

  1. The interaction process varies for different tasks, typically involve completing a bridge or a swap transaction. Follow the instructions to complete interaction. After the campaign ends, users may receive multiple rewards from the mainnet projects.