What is Bitget Wallet?


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Since its inception in 2018, Bitget Wallet (formerly known as BitKeep) has attracted 12 million users across 168 countries worldwide, emerging as Asia's largest decentralized crypto wallet. In March 2023, Bitget Exchange made a strategic investment of an additional $30 million at a $300 million valuation to secure a controlling stake in BitKeep. This acquisition sets the stage for BitKeep's transformation, culminating in its rebranding to Bitget Wallet.

In this article, we will be going through the key features of Bitget Wallet, introducing their function and roles they play in shaping the entire Bitget Wallet ecosystem.


1. Wallet Function

Bitget Wallet first and foremost serves as a decentralized and non-custodial asset management platform that offers reliable and convenient ways for users to manage and view their asset holdings. The intelligent home page automatically displays tokens of value, providing users with easy access to their on-chain assets, and allows users to conveniently add and switch between mainnets with just one click. Acknowledging the significance of providing users with a secure way to manage their assets, Bitget Wallet shares a $300 million user protection fund with Bitget, and has forged strong working alliances with top security firms in the industry. Collaborations with Slowmist and Certik ensure robust and thorough smart contract audits, while partnerships with GoPlus security databases provide cutting-edge risk alerts to keep users safe from potential threats.

As a way to further complement Bitget Wallet's asset management services, the Watch-Only Wallet feature allows users to monitor wallet balances and transactions without private keys, offering real-time notifications that can alert traders to movements of smart money and whales, elevating their trading experience. Additionally, Bitget Wallet also offers an integrated OTC on-ramp feature that supports seamless fiat-to-crypto trading in 49 countries, with various payment options through Moonpay and AlchemyPay. For users interested in staking their assets, Bitget Wallet provides hassle-free staking services with Lido integration, including daily-compounded rewards, token conversions to stETH, and a real-time earnings dashboard for easy tracking.

These multi-faceted functions allow users to easily manage their assets using Bitget Wallet in a comprehensive and secure manner, while also providing convenient ways for users to build their crypto portfolio and explore all that Web3 has to offer, right at their fingertips.


2. Bitget Swap

At the core of the Bitget Wallet product ecosystem lies Bitget Swap, a robust DEX aggregator that offers multiple trading modes and automatically provides users with the best prices through liquidity aggregation across over 100 DEXs. Providing access to over 20 mainnets, cross-chain support for 16 different blockchains, real-time price charts, gas-free trading, limit orders and more, Bitget Swap serves not only a secure means for over 1 million users to manage their trading assets, but also to grow their overall crypto portfolio.

The integration of Bitget Swap fundamentally provides users with an unprecedented ease of access to the user-centric ecosystem within Bitget Wallet, removing the need for users to rely upon external platforms to enjoy an unparalleled trading wallet experience.


3. NFT Marketplace

As a leading NFT aggregator, Bitget NFT Market supports unrestricted NFT listings from third-party platforms, allowing for seamless NFT listings on third-party platforms and eliminating restrictions. Bitget NFT Market is also a pioneer in enabling the purchase of NFTs using any cryptocurrency, further enhancing overall accessibility and user experience. Currently, Bitget NFT Market supports multi-chain NFT management and trading across multiple chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Optimism, Heco, and Ethereum Classic.

Bitget NFT Market is set to streamline the overall NFT experience for all users, offering multi-chain NFT management and transactions, seamless NFT purchases, bulk-purchase capabilities, and even free minting services, making it the preferred NFT Marketplace of choice.


4. DApp Browser

Bitget Wallet's integrated DApp Browser boasts over 20,000 DApps spanning across a multitude of sectors including DeFi, GameFi, NFT, Bridge, Exchange, Mining, Tools, Social, and Loans. Users can expect to enjoy convenient switching of mainnets within DApps they interact with, while staying updated on the hottest and most trending DApps via the platform's dynamic "Hot Searches" spotlight.


5. Extensive Partnerships

Bitget Wallet has cultivated strong partnerships with major mainnets, offering a comprehensive suite of services that span testnet airdrops, DApp engagement, mainnet launches, token and NFT visibility, DEX and DApp aggregation, cross-platform traffic support, and large-scale promotional campaigns. Notable collaborations in the past include promoting ecosystem interaction within the Sui Network and Arbitrum by launching ecosystem-specific tokens, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants, and facilitating millions of transactions.

Additionally, Bitget Wallet also supports a diverse range of emerging Mainnets and their ecosystems, such as zkSync Era, Starknet, and Aptos, featuring exclusive token airdrop access, built-in faucets, DApp accessibility, NFT services, tutorials, and collaborative campaigns with Mainnet and ecosystem partners, affirming Bitget Wallet's commitment to fostering blockchain innovation and adoption.



Bitget Wallet operates with the ultimate goal of serving as a reliable way for users to both manage and grow their asset portfolio, leveraging the capabilities of Bitget Swap to experience and utilize the other functions within the Bitget Wallet ecosystem, such as the NFT Markeplace, Staking, OTC feature, and more. In the future, Bitget Wallet will also be working on incorporating Web3 DID and Account Abstraction to further enhance the overall user experience of its rapidly-growing userbase.


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