Bitget Wallet 2023 Recap: Rebranding and Unparalleled Trading

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2023 was undoubtedly a year marked by dynamic shifts, as we witnessed accelerated progress in Bitcoin spot ETFs, a rapidly growing adoption rate for crypto, as well as increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks.
Throughout the year, we observed an airdrop craze initiated by BLUR and ARB, witnessed Bitcoin redefine asset issuance via inscriptions, witnessed Solana's impressive resurgence to new heights, and felt the excitement surrounding Layer 2 advancements propelled by Ethereum's upgrade. These events mark a departure from an otherwise long and ruthless bear market.
In 2023, the ascent of Web3 wallets gained momentum as several prominent exchanges launched their own versions. Among these, Bitget Wallet, the foremost world-leading Web3 trading wallet (formerly known as BitKeep Wallet), boasting a five-year legacy, emerged as a trailblazer in setting industry benchmarks. It has consistently achieved numerous firsts, establishing itself as the pioneer in offering a comprehensive view across all blockchains, aggregating real-time DEX market data, enabling cross-chain transaction interoperability, and introducing its dedicated NFT marketplace...
This week, Bitget Wallet unveiled its comprehensive annual review for 2023, shedding light on the remarkable milestones and accomplishments achieved throughout the year. It has been a year of consistent enhancements, feature introductions, establishment of Web3 wallet standards, and collaborative efforts with industry partners to cultivate a robust wallet ecosystem.
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From BitKeep to Bitget Wallet, focusing on Web3 Trading

In 2023, Bitget Wallet underwent a major transformation. March marked a significant milestone with a $30 million funding injection from the Bitget trading platform, initiating mutual business integration. By August, the rebranding to Bitget Wallet was formalized, signifying a focused shift toward on-chain asset trading and a commitment to excellence in this domain.
Chief Operating Officer Alvin Kan shared insights into the competitive landscape moving ahead, stating: "We anticipate that many future DApp will have its own built-in wallet functionality, rather than relying on external wallet connections. To highlight our strengths, we chose to focus on maximizing the seamlessness and efficiency of Web3 transactions."
Indeed, transactions form a large bulk of Web3 activity, with asset issuance and trading at the forefront of Web3 innovation. For many, trading still stands as one of the most important demands to be met by Web3 projects.
With the ambition of serving the Web3 community as the most user-friendly trading wallet, Bitget Wallet aims to optimize its Swap feature for all users. Currently, Bitget Swap supports over 30 different blockchains and aggregates liquidity from a multitude of popular DEXs and cross-chain bridges. This integration ensures an experience comparable or even superior to that of centralized exchanges.
This year, Bitget Swap underwent significant upgrades, introducing notable features such as Gas-Free Transactions and the ETH gas station top-up feature faciliating an unbeatable multi-chain trading experience for users to easily execute their trades. Moreover, market analysis tools were also enhanced to allow users to track overall trends across all blockchains, Smart Money movements, and multi-faceted market rankings, offering early identification of promising investment opportunities. New trading mode limit orders also introduced, alongside the global launch of Quick Buy, the wallet's very own on-ramp feature.

Introduction of MPC Wallet, GetShield Security System

To address the common industry pain point of mnemonic phrase management, Bitget Wallet unveiled an enterprise-grade MPC "keyless" wallet this year, implementing an advanced Multi-Party Computation (MPC) solution to furnish users with secure and convenient Web3 wallet services. At the same time, this new feature is also aimed at lowering the overall barriers of entry for users in managing their wallets. "Crypto and Web3 should endeavour to break barriers of entry down and make things as seamless as possible in order achieve mass adoption," Alvin says. This year, Bitget Wallet has also released AA Wallet functionality for Starknet to further enhance user experience.
On the security side, Bitget Wallet has also unveiled a comprehensive GetShield security system that encompasses risk token detection, contract detection, authorization detection, fraudulent address identification, anti-phishing mechanisms, DApp security ratings, and more, providing comprehensive all-round security measures that encompasses Bitget Wallet's entire product suite.
Bitget Wallet also supports hardware wallet connections, ensuring secure user possession of the private key. Rigorous security audits are conducted by teams like SlowMist and Certik for core codes, including Swap and NFT market protocols, while Flashbots integration further protects users against malicious MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) attacks.
With the upgrade from BitKeep to Bitget Wallet and leveraging Bitget's constructed security system and fund protection measures, Bitget Wallet shares in a $300 million risk protection fund with Bitget, fortifying its resilience against potential risks.

Gateway to Omnichain and Airdrop Interaction Tool, Task2Get

Bitget Wallet has continually built up its support for omnichain management, supporting over 90 blockchains to offer comprehensive Web3 services such as asset management and trading, real-time market data analysis, NFT Marketplace aggregation, DApp interaction, and more, offering seamless one-stop exploration of the Web3 world.
Since the beginning of the year, Bitget Wallet's collaborative efforts with numerous projects and developers resulted in the platform's increasing integration as the connecting wallet of choice on the official websites of leading projects spanning various sectors, including DEXs, cross-chain bridges, DeFi, and Metaverse. Airdrop activities were also organized with hundreds of these leading projects to provide users with an even more interactive and rewarding wallet experience as they traverse across Web3 with Bitget Wallet.
Airdrops have grown to become a widely recognized means for wealth generation and asset issuance. In recent times, participating in airdrops no longer requires users to be confined to their desk. Instead, mobility and seamless access is becoming the next hallmark of airdrop participation. The launch of the Web3 exploration incentive platform, Task2Get, facilitates this very convenient method of access by providing an easy way for users to participate in airdrops from the convenience of their mobile device. At the same time, Bitget Wallet is also continuously working with various projects to introduce incentivized tasks to showcase on the Task2Get portal.

Serving 12 Millions of Global Users, Ranked 4th in User Downloads in Q4

Bitget Wallet's global user base has surpassed 12 million, ranking seventh globally in user numbers. Notably, in the fourth quarter of 2023, the wallet was ranked fourth globally by wallet downloads, affirming its consistent user growth and brand recognition across Web3.
Moving ahead to 2024, Alvin also had this to share: "Bitget Wallet will endeavour to seize opportunities that present themselves with each new asset and market narrative," he says. "We will continue to enhance product capabilities and deliver high-quality on-chain asset services, assisting users in their Web3 exploration journey."
In this rapidly-evolving industry, Bitget Wallet has remained steadfast in its commitment to enhancing infrastructure, consistently catering to authentic user requirements regardless of shifts in business focus or product features. By proactively embracing new trends and adapting to model changes, Bitget Wallet has consistently contributed significant value to the industry.