New AI Launchpad: AIROBO (AIR) Subscriptions Coming Soon!

New AI Launchpad: AIROBO (AIR) Subscriptions Coming Soon! image 0
Fueled by the AI revolution spearheaded by Open AI's Sora, nearly all AI coins are soaring. To empower our users to capitalize on these AI opportunities, Bitget Wallet is excited to introduce AIROBO (AIR) on our Launchpad, a groundbreaking AI + DeFi + GameFi venture in the ZKFair Layer 2 ecosystem. AIR tokens, with no pre-mined reserves or private sales, are fully community-driven.
Join us on March 6th, 18:00 (UTC+8) for the AIR Launchpad subscription, featuring whitelist and public rounds. Users with at least one Bitget Swap transaction within the last three months are entitled to participate in the public round. Each round is capped, so mark your calendar and be fast!
With $ZKF's value surging by 1,100% and the eagerly anticipated listing of AIR on ZKFair's AIRobo DEX slated for March 11th, AIROBO emerges as an innovative project at the crossroads of AI and DeFi, promising substantial growth opportunities. Seize your opportunity to be part of the AIROBO (AIR) subscription now!

1. About AIROBO

AIROBO (AIR) introduces a metaverse realm, an open blockchain game, and a decentralized trading platform where users can earn by providing liquidity. Additionally, AIR serves as an innovative NFT marketplace, empowering anyone to become a crypto artist. This project is a collective endeavor, belonging to each of us who seek to drive innovation.

2. Launchpad Details

Token: AIR
Network: ZKFair
Launchpad's Total Supply: 30,000,000 AIR
Whitelist Supply: 10,000,000 AIR
Public Sale Supply: 20,000,000 AIR
Subscription Price: 1 AIR = $0.00025

3. Launchpad Schedule

Activity Phase
Date & Time (UTC+8)
Whitelist Round
March 6, 18:00 - March 6, 24:00
Public Sale Round
March 6, 20:00 - March 7, 20:00
Token Claiming
March 11, 12:00
Listing on AIRobo DEX
March 11

Whitelist Round (Exclusive for whitelisted users)

Allocation: 10,000,000 AIR
Subscription Limit: 10 - 40 WUSDC per user
Funding Target: 2,500 WUSDC
Subscription Window: March 6, 18:00 - March 6, 24:00
Eligibility: Qualification for the whitelist round is open to those meeting any of the following conditions.
1. Prominent KOLs associated with our platform
2. Premier Bitget Swap users.
Whitelist round subscriptions are limited and its availability operates on a first-come, first-served basis; successful subscription is not guaranteed. Our official Twitter @BitgetWallet will reveal the whitelisted user addresses. Stay alert!

Public Round (Open for all users)

Allocation: 20,000,000 AIR
Subscription Limit: 5 - 30 WUSDC per user
Funding Target: 5,000 WUSDC
Subscription Window: March 6, 20:00 - March 7, 20:00
Eligibility: Users who completed any Bitget Wallet Swap transaction within the past three months are eligible to participate in the public round. If you do not meet the condition, please complete a transaction as soon as possible to qualify for participation. The subscription amount is limited, first-come, first-served!

Launchpad Terms & Conditions

  1. Subscription Price: AIR = $0.00025. Please prepare USDC and WUSDC (ZKFair) in Bitget Wallet before the event.
  2. Final subscription allotment of the whitelist round = Your total subscription amount / Total subscription amount of all users x Total subscription amount of the whitelist round
  3. Final subscription allotment of the public round = Your total subscription amount / Total subscription amount of all users x Total subscription amount of the public round
  4. Excess WUSDC will be refunded after finalizing subscriptions.

How to Subscribe?

1. Before the token sale starts, download Bitget Wallet and prepare your funds on the ZKFair network. It is recommended to prepare sufficient USDC for gas fees and WUSDC (ZKFair) for subscribing, claiming, and trading upon your successful subscription.
You can acquire necessary funds via Bitget Swap or use the ZKFair official cross-chain bridge (or 3rd-party bridge, such as Orbiter and Meson) to bridge your funds into USDC on ZKFair. Simply search for "ZKFair" on Bitget Wallet's Discover page. Access the DApp, select the mainnet and token to bridge from. Then, fill in the amount and complete the cross-chain transaction.
New AI Launchpad: AIROBO (AIR) Subscriptions Coming Soon! image 1
2. WUSDC (ZKFair) is required for the subscription. You may swap for WUSDC through Bitget Swap.
New AI Launchpad: AIROBO (AIR) Subscriptions Coming Soon! image 2
3. Navigate to the Bitget Wallet App, select "Trade", then "Launchpad" to view and participate in the AIR subscription round. Whitelisted users can participate through the Whitelist Round section, while others can join the public sale through the Public Round section.
New AI Launchpad: AIROBO (AIR) Subscriptions Coming Soon! image 3

4. Disclaimer

Bitget Wallet strives to feature top-tier Launchpad projects; however, investing in crypto assets inherently carries substantial risk, including the possibility of a complete loss. Users are advised to make informed decisions after thorough deliberation. Bitget Wallet will not be held accountable for any investment losses. We urge users to assess their risk thresholds, approach the market with discernment, and make judicious investment choices.

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